5 Lunar-Inspired Spa Getaways That’ll Make for an Extra-Glowy Moon Ritual

Photo: The Resort at Pedregal

The moon's mystical powers have influenced people for millennia. But now, in the era of lunar everything, its pull seems more potent than ever. Not only are people planning their dinner parties, their schedules, and their love lives around its orbits, those in the know are also looking to the celestial satellite for travel inspo, too—and no, I'm not talking about taking a Virgin Galactic spaceflight.

Around the globe, you'll find spots that offer lunar-inspired spa treatments for travelers looking to tap into its metaphysical energy in order to obtain an otherworldly glow.

Here are 5 lunar-based beauty rituals that'll have you feeling over the—well, you know.

1. Cures from Metzli

This hour-and-a-half treatment at Rosewood San Miguel de Allende’s Sense Spa references the moon, which Otomi natives call “metzli” and revere as their first deity and mother of their ancestors. They believe that its cycles affect people’s individual energy levels, which drives them to seek herbal remedies for optimal health. This spa interprets that concept by applying roots and plants via several types of healing massage. Each addresses a specific symptom (such as physical pain or mental stress) caused by the moon phase whenever you do it, so sink back and get aligned.

2. Spirit of the New Moon

At the famous Mii Amo Resort and Spa in Sedona, Arizona—known as a hyper connected, mystical place—this therapy is only available on days around the new moon, since Native American tradition dictates that this time is the best for a person to manifest her deepest desires and wishes. Thusly, the journey starts with you writing your intentions for the coming months in an outdoor wikiup (a traditional nomadic lodge), before a cleansing foot bath and head-to-toe massage. There's also a releasing therapy for full moon days, so be ready to let it all out.

3. Moon Cycle Treatments

The pampering you receive at Auriga Spa at Marigot Bay Resort & Marina on St. Lucia depends solely on whether the moon is new, full, waxing, or waning, for the most profound experience. The four signature treatments on this dreamy Caribbean island’s indoor/outdoor spa may include such treats as a silk glove exfoliation, lymphatic facial, and deep-cleansing rose wrap.

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4. Nurture of the Dark Moon

This soothing two-hour treatment at Bali’s Oazia Spa Villas is performed only during Tilem, the new moon period that's important in the local culture. You’ll get four hands on you at once for a bucket-list massage followed by a skin-plumping fresh fruit body mask, and an exfoliating scrub of black pepper and sesame seeds. Pure. Bliss.

5. Signature Moon Phase Treatments

It’s all in the name at The Resort at Pedregal's Luna Y Mar spa, which translates to "moon and sea." The spa associates the new moon with awakening, waxing with nourishing, full with calming, and waning with restoring, so each of the four treatment options are designed to do just that. The Awakening Moon protocol preps you for a new beginning with a seaweed and eucalyptus salt scrub before a deep, herb-infused chili oil massage, for example, while The Nourishing Moon treatment features jasmine blossoms, which are believed to embody the creative spirit. There's really no bad time to visit… or perhaps you've just found an excuse to stay all month long.

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