Moon Juice Is Releasing an Adaptogenic Supplement That Wants to Banish Your Stress

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Moon Juice is known for its colorful nut milks and juices, Instagram-worthy pantry goodies, and cult-favorite "dusts"—and now the wellness brand that hawks the adaptogenic goodies of your dreams aims to lower your stress levels with its first-ever supplement.

SuperYou, which officially launches May 1 at $49 for a 30-day supply, is a plant-based supplement that wants to help manage your stress with a blend of super herbs—including amla (which is said to keep skin healthy and youthful), rhodiola (which reportedly boosts brainpower), ashwagandha (known for protecting against the effects of toxic stress), and shatavari (known as a fatigue fighter and hormone balancer). "The four potent adaptogenic herbs work together to address the effects of stress on the mind and body," a press release notes.

Decreased stress isn't the only perk you might glean from the once-a-day supplement, though: The latest from wellness guru Amanda Chantal Bacon's company claims to be "deeply rooted in science and extensive research," and a clinical-strength blend that's designed to reduce cortisol levels, as well as "reduce physical, mental, and emotional fatigue, boost energy and mood, preserve collagen, and control stress-related weight gain."

So whether you're climbing the ropes to #bossbabe-status or are just in desperate need of a little stress relief, this supplement might be worth a try (but, do chat with your doctor first, especially if you're pregnant). Plus, the psychedelic rainbow-colored bottle will look really stinkin' cute in your bathroom shelfies.

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