Learn Your Moon Sign’s Element To Really Understand How You Interact With Others

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When it comes to astrological compatibility, it's common practice to focus on how sun signs (which reflect your essence and soul, and what you likely check for daily horoscope readings) get along. But considering that your moon sign, which is indicative of your inner self, is the actual ruler of your emotional personality, you'd be wise to know that placement, too. It should go without saying, after all, that your personal emotions seriously weigh into your relationships. So it makes total sense, then, that compatible moon sign elements could mean a lot when it comes to getting along.

But wait—what are the moon sign elements? Essentially, they're the same elements commonly referred to in astrology. As a refresher, the four astrological elements—fire signs, Earth signs, water signs, and air signs—are each made up of three zodiac signs. Your element is said to determine your basic temperament, and—as is the case with sun signs and compatibility—when someone's element is mentioned, it's often assumed to be the element based on their sun sign. Since elements are heavily mood-oriented, though, knowing the details on moon sign elements can help set you up for success in all of your relationships.

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To learn your moon sign, just consult your natal chart (and if you don't have one, run a free online generator like this one). Then, keep reading to learn details about moon sign elements, directly from astrologers.

Keep reading to get astrologers' take on each of the moon sign elements.

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

"Fire moons are full of passionate energy and rely on instinct," says astrologer Adama Sesay. "They tend to react first and ask questions later." That means that your emotions might come with a dramatic—and impulsive—flair. You might show your feelings rapidly, or you might reach a quick boiling point before spilling over the edge.

"Fire moons are full of passionate energy and rely on instinct. They tend to react first and ask questions later." —astrologer Adama Sesay

"When interacting with others, it’s best for you to honor that you have an inner need to be seen and heard," says astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides. "That means that bottling up your emotions for too long may cause them to come out explosively later. But it is also best to keep in mind that not everyone cycles through their feelings as quickly as you do, or are as quick to act on them, so allowing others space and patience is important to keep in mind."

Earth: Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn

"Earth moons—Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn—are the rational signs of the zodiac," says Sesay. "Earth is about what's tangible, and these signs use reason and react to what they are physically experiencing."

The emotional world of an Earth moon centers on things that are concrete and predictable. You're shaken to the core when someone creates an interruption in your routine, sending shockwaves that leave you feeling insecure and unsteady. Do not try to flake on plans with an Earth moon, or you may unintentionally ruin their their entire week. That said, Earth moon sign elements need to be very vocal in what their needs are.

"New environments, uncomfortable emotions, or being pushed to express your feelings without first fully integrating them through your senses can feel like seismic triggers when you crave solid footing," says Marmanides. "It's best for you to acknowledge your need for slower internal processing and to remember that while people do not necessarily experience emotions like you do, they do need to respect your boundaries."

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

"Air moons are logical, articulate, and process their emotions as they would information," Sesay says. While air signs can have a head-in-the-clouds reputation, they also live inside their head a lot. So, dealing with your emotions means talking out your feelings and experiences a lot. It's always about penetrating through the surface-level issue and finding the deeper emotions beneath.

"While others may think you over-intellectualize your feelings, it is best for air-based moons to honor the need to separate emotional triggers from core emotional truths." —astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides

"While others may think you over-intellectualize your feelings, it is best for air-based moons to honor the need to separate emotional triggers from core emotional truths," Marmanides says. "While you may need to compartmentalize, others may see you as detached, so when interacting with others, remember that verbally acknowledging and validating your feelings and the other person’s can go a long way in relating to and understanding each other"

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Finally, we get to those deep seas of emotion, as Sesay puts it. "Water moons are extremely intuitive and can soak up the energies around them," she says. "Because of this sensitive nature, they are deeply in tune with others' emotions and may even react to situations that haven't occurred yet."

What can become a conflict, however, is carrying the emotional load for someone else and becoming fatigued from the double labor of also carrying your own. "You experience and express your feelings with intensity, so surrounding yourself with people who hold the space you need to do that is essential for you," Marmanides says. "A water-based moon has an essential need to express their feelings, so when interacting with others, honor your need to do that, but remember that not everyone else has the same need as you, or the same degree of intensity with their mode of expression."

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