Moonstone Is More Than Just a Pretty Crystal—Here Are 4 Ways It Can Help You Tap Into Your Intuition and Purpose

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If you're interested in taking your knowledge of crystals to the next level, know that there's an encyclopedia's worth of information out there about healing and calming stones to guide your practice. Moonstone properties alone need their own explainer.

Generally speaking, moonstone is considered a reminder of purposefulness, says crystal expert Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse. "From more mindful decisions day-to-day to bigger life changes, this crystal offers you support and guidance to help you live a purposeful life," she says.

Moonstone is also one of three birthstones for the month of June (the other two are pearl and alexandrite). "On an astrological level, both Gemini and Cancer signs tend to have a strong drive to connect with their purpose," says Askinosie.

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But even if you were born under a different zodiac sign, "wearing, carrying, or placing moonstone in your space helps you to fulfill that desire on a soul level," says Askinosie. So, what else is moonstone good for?

4 primary moonstone properties to know about

1. It's considered a shining light

As its name suggests, moonstone is thought to have a connection to la luna, which enables it to "act as a shining light that helps you recognize what brings you purpose and aids in making mindful decisions about how to live your life," Askinosie says. Its reputation for aiding in guidance and clarity has earned it the nickname of traveler's stone, she adds.

Breana Fernandez, crystal expert at Los Angeles-based metaphysical shop House of Intuition, echoes that sentiment: “Moonstone also is known to help anyone tap into the divine energy within them,” she says. “It's going to help to bring stability to our emotions and it's going to remove any negative or outdated thought patterns from our consciousness.”

2. Helps you feel empowered when making decisions

If you struggle with even the most benign of decisions—like which workout class to go to or what to get for lunch—Askinosie recommends keeping moonstone on your person or wearing it as jewelry.

"Having a piece of moonstone on your body at all times is a constant reminder to be mindful and conscious when it comes to decisions, big and small," she says, adding that the stone will "empower you to make those decisions with your best life in mind." The stone increases your intuition and ability to visualize, which helps cut through the noise and add clarity.

3. It can influence your love life

Moonstone is a symbol of divine feminine energy, which makes it a useful stone for all things related to romance and relationships. The crystal helps you move past judgment to open up to love and affection. It's recommended to keep a moonstone in your bedroom.

4. It opens up different chakras

In the spiritual traditions that believe in and focus on energy healing, the seven chakras (which come from the Sanskrit word "cakra" that translates to "wheel" or "disk") reference spiritual energy centers within the human body.

Because chakras are all represented by different colors, using different color moonstones can also be a good way of activating the energy associated with the same, says Fernandez.

4 different types of moonstones and how to use them to activate their properties

1. Rainbow moonstone

Because the rainbow moonstone is white with iridescent purple undertones, it’s linked to the crown and third eye chakra. Fernandez says that, practically speaking, this crystal is great when you need more clarity in terms of your life’s purpose. In addition, rainbow moonstone is also a protective crystal, so it can offer comfort in times of stress.

In order for crystals to work alongside the chakras, says Fernandez, it’s key for the rock formations to sit close to the respective areas. For the rainbow moonstone to properly activate energy centers, Fernandez suggests wearing the stone as earrings or placing it on your forehead.

2. Green moonstone

“The green chakra is your heart chakra, so green moonstone is going to assist you in accessing your heart center with more ease,” says Fernandez. “It's also going to be extremely calming and offer you emotional support.”

Because the heart chakra is on your chest, placing a green moonstone there is a good practice if you’re trying to reap the benefits of moonstone properties. Fernandez also suggests wearing it as a necklace.

3. Peach moonstone

Because the peach moonstone is orange, it activates your sacral chakra, which is right below the belly button, says Fernandez. This stone can help you stabilize your emotions and, according to Fernandez, is particularly helpful for new parents because the sacral chakra is right where the reproductive organs are.

“Wearing a peach moonstone bracelet” when trying to tap into moonstone properties is a good idea, says Fernandez, “because when we put our arms down, our arms pretty much fall where our [sacral] chakra is.”

4. Black moonstone

“Black moonstone is really helping us to tap into our higher self and our inner voice,” says Fernandez, adding that some people prefer to use these stones in accordance with the new moon cycle, because new moons are also known as “black moons,” which can boost your black moonstone’s properties.

This stone also offers grounding and protection because it’s respective to the root chakra.

How to make the most of moonstone properties

1. Use it to amplify your mindfulness practice

"To strengthen your mindfulness, hold a moonstone touchstone in your hand at the beginning of each day to inspire you to move throughout the day with a clear purpose," Askinosie says. "This touchpoint helps you remember how to connect to your sense of purpose throughout the day."

2. Wear it in a piece of jewelry

You can keep the moonstone near you all day by literally wearing it. The crystal can be found commonly and easily in many different types of jewelry. Wearing it as a necklace can be especially healing since it will be physically near your heart chakra.

3. Grab it when you feel like you’re going through a lot of changes

Whether you’re moving, starting a new job, or otherwise notice that you don’t have a sense of control over your life, moonstone properties are there to support you.

“Moonstone is a great tool to use during times of change and transition, because it's going to bring more serenity to the person that is using moonstone,” says Fernandez. “It’ll kind of guide them through any difficult or challenging situation that they might be experiencing.”

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