5 Ways to Get Your Fix of Moringa, the Inflammation-Crushing All-Star

Photo: Stocksy/Canan Czemmel
Well-versed in the magical-seeming effects of apple cider vinegar, turmeric, and maca, I thought I had my superfood bases covered—and then moringa hit the scene (well, my scene—the buzzy ingredient is hardly new). It has even more anti-inflammatory powers than turmeric, AKA the stalwart wellness-world obsession that's been credited with everything from improving immune function to giving you glowing skin and even whitening your teeth.

But now moringa has everyone talking, thanks to its nutrient-dense punch, with twice the protein as turmeric, and three times the amount of iron as spinach—and it's popping up in grocery aisles and on beauty shelves alike.

You can technically get your fix with a straight-up (and foolproof) powder mixture of the super green, but brands have caught on to the fact that moringa is full of all of the protein, iron, and calcium you could want in a single serving and thus have widened their offerings. Now the stuff is available in supplements, snacks, skin care, and even a kombucha (which is probably a helpful vessel to mask moringa's polarizing taste, à la ACV).

Scroll below to see 5 options for adding some moringa into your routine.

Originally posted November 2, 2017. Updated October 2, 2018.

If you want to keep turmeric in your wellness rotation, here are some options: DIYing your own shot or whipping up a serving of these scrambled eggs.

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