Start Your Day Off Right With This Morning Pilates Workout

Starting your day with gentle activities like walking, yoga, or a Pilates workout can significantly impact your body. Not only can it increase your circulation, which improves blood flow to areas that might be stiff from a solid night's sleep, it can also help your nervous system, according to Harvard Health. Slow breathing and gentle movement can activate your parasympathetic nervous system, aka your "rest and digest system," calming you before you've launched into your day.

Experts In This Article

So if you want to ease into your day with some stretches for your mind and body, try this rejuvenating 8-minute morning Pilates flow with instructor Chloe De Winter, founder of the Pilates practice Go with Chlo.

De Winter has you start on your back in a happy baby position. Next, you rock side to side, really feeling your hip joints and lower back warming up. This is particularly good for people who have a long day of desk-sitting ahead of them. Getting the blood flowing and muscles loose before sitting is a great way to prevent stiffness and soreness.

This session really aims to work your body slowly, from the bottom-up, De Winter says. You'll move from happy baby to cat and cow on your knees, and then you'll try bigger, broader standing stretches. De Winter covers a lot of territory for a quick 8-minute Pilates session.

Are you ready to put a little spring in your step this morning with De Winter? All you need is some comfortable clothes and a mat. An "early bird catches the worm" spirit is optional.

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