These Are Without Question the Most Comfortable Wireless Bras, According to Real Women

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In theory, bras have a very easy job. All they have to do is sort of hoist your girls up without being so uncomfortable that it feels like you're wearing a medieval torture device. But as many women know, it's a tall order to ask for a bra that is both supportive and comfortable (though it's not completely impossible to find one). Things become even more difficult when you're searching for a bralette, or something that isn't all underwire and seatbelt material.

Today, on Valentine's Day, in lieu of discussions of love and Cupid, Well+Good editors spent a good part of the morning thinking about bras that are comfortable above all else.

Well+Good staffers name the most comfortable wireless bras.

True Body Life Scoop Neck Bra by True & Co.

"My pick is from to True & Co., a brand that makes the seamless, wireless True Body Life Scoop Neck Bra, which firmly embraces the wearer with unconditional love. It feels like butter on your skin. Let me be clear, if I were to go into hibernation for the season, this would be my only requirement in terms of clothing." —Tamim Alnuweiri, staff writer

Modern Cotton Bralette by Calvin Klein

"I honestly can’t think of a more iconic bra than this Calvin Klein Cotton Bralette and every time I slip into it, I remember why. It’s like a Lovesac for my ladies and it gently swaddles them while still providing some support. I’ll never not own one. And because I’m passionate about this topic (what can I say?), I also have to mention the Lunya sleep bra which kind of feels like wearing a bikini top as a bra, which is something I’m *very* behind. Sign me up for more bras from this seriously swoon-worthy PJ brand." —Ali Finney, senior editor 

Geo Lace Bralette by Lively

"I'm far from the largest-chested woman in the room, but I've always considered my boobs to be solidly in the 'too big for cute, dainty bralettes' camp. That is, until I met this little number from Lively, which is as comfortable as it is cute—and decently supportive, to boot." —Abbey Stone, managing editor 

Shaper Bra by Boody

"Boody's Shaper Bra is one of those garments that just came into my life by accident, and it’s become pretty much my favorite article of clothing. It’s soft and incredibly comfortable but actually supportive so I don’t end up with a smashed uniboob situation. Also just learned that it’s sustainable so that’s grand, and it comes in a nice inclusive range of 'nudes.'" —Ella Dove, video producer

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