Add 2017’s Most-Instagrammed Cities to Your Healthy-Travel Bucket List

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With this year starting to wind down, your mind might be lusting after 2018 travel goals. Need some information to fuel your plans? Check out the just-released data that rounds up most-Instagrammed cities in the world.

Instagram's 2017 Year in Review showcases everything from the top Instagram moments (hello, Beyoncé's birth announcement) to the most-followed pets and the most-used filters. But aside from the adorable pups, the company also unveiled the cities that get the most 'gram action, and they're all worthy of a visit. Here are the 10 most popular—and exactly what you should do in each.

Add these 10 cities to your healthy-travel bucket list.

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1. New York, New York

The most-Instagrammed city on the list definitely has plenty to see—from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge. Plus, you're in for a treat when it comes to healthy bites: There's every type of cuisine you can imagine.

Healthy pit stop: When you visit New York City, Central Park is a must: You can spend hours walking from end to end seeing everything the urban oasis has to offer, whether you're walking through Belvedere Castle (yes, an actual castle) or rowing around the lake by Bethesda Fountain. In fact, as you're exploring (and crushing your daily step goals), you'll probably even forget you're in one of the world's most bustling cities in the first place.

2. Moscow, Russia

In Russia's most populous city, you'll never run out of things to see: There's the Red Square (AKA the heart of the city), the stunning Saint Basil's Cathedral, and if you're into fine art, the State Tretyakov Gallery.

Healthy pit stop: Runners are in for a treat: Maria Moscow Tours is a first-of-its-kind experience in the area where you can see plenty of hot spots—with time to take photos!—as you pace your way through the city. Not into running? The company also offers a walking option that will still get your heart rate up without getting as sweaty.

3. London, United Kingdom

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's recent engagement, how can you not want to head over to London and get in on the epic celebration? Aside from scoping out Buckingham Palace, you can take a ride on the London Eye Ferris wheel, check out Big Ben and Tower Bridge, and stray off the beaten path to Camden Passage for the cutest cafés, antique shops, and boutiques that you ever did see.

Healthy pit stop: London is becoming a vegan mecca—and one street in particular is pure plant bliss. If you head to Fulham's North End Road, you'll find plenty of plant-based restaurants, including Sanctuary's famous cheezeburgers. There's also the Temple of Seitan in Hackney, known for its vegan comfort food, and Haggerston's Club Mexicana, with mouth-watering BBQ pulled jackfruit tacos and some particularly tasty chipotle cashew cheese.

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4. São Paulo, Brazil

From Paulista Avenue (a must-see financial center) and Monument to the Bandeiras (one of the biggest monuments in the world) to the São Paulo Museum of Art (home to more than 8,000 pieces of artwork), the largest city in South America serves up a smorgasbord of culture.

Healthy pit stop: The Bike Tour SP takes you through the streets of São Paulo on the city's bright red designated bike path. The plethora of routes all go through the most popular sights of the city.

5. Paris, France

Whether you're enjoying a macaron from Ladurée while admiring the Eiffel Tower, visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral, or scoping out the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum, you're bound to have a magical time—no doubt clad your your chic French-girl beret.

Healthy pit stop: The Promenade Plantée, which spans three miles, is on top of an old railway line and lets you see a totally different side of Paris. If this concept conjures the High Line in New York City, it makes sense: The Paris hot spot inspired the Gotham project.

6. Los Angeles, California

Head to Griffith Observatory for a true gateway to the cosmos, walk around palm-tree lined Venice Beach to catch some bodybuilders in action, and see your favorite stars (quite literally) at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Healthy pit stop: How can you resist hiking the Brush Canyon Trail in LA while you're there? I mean, you can't not Instagram the Hollywood Sign nestled up in Griffith Park.

7. Saint Petersburg, Russia

This city—which is Russia's second largest, right behind Moscow—is known as being the cultural heart of the country. With stunning architecture in Saint Isaac's Cathedral, Winter Palace, and Kazan Cathedral, a world-renowned art collection at the Hermitage Museum, and the famous Mariinsky Theatre (which is home to The Mariinsky Ballet), you'll make memories to last a lifetime.

Healthy pit stop: Catherine Palace and Park is a must-stop spot while you're in Saint Petersburg—because who doesn't love getting an inside look at the royal lifestyle? Not only will you get to see inside the white and gold palace, but you'll also take in some nature: The palace has a 1,400-acre park on its property to explore.

8. Jakarta, Indonesia

If you think New York City is crazy, just wait until you visit Jakarta. In fact, it may be the true city that never sleeps. The capital of Indonesia is known for a hustle-and-bustle aura that'll give you an adrenaline rush while checking all the sights off your list, from Monas tower (the city's most famous monument) and the Istiqlal Mosque to Istana Merdeka (the presidential palace) and the National Museum. Also, be sure to visit the famous flea market in Menteng.

Healthy pit stop: In need of a little self-care? Mangrove Forest—which is located in North Jakarta—is a great escape from the city's busyness. Since it's mostly wetlands, there are a lot of fun wood bridges to cross around the lakes—and plenty of opportunities for a photo op during your adventure.

9. Istanbul, Turkey

Between the mosques, exciting markets, and stunning architecture, you'll definitely be busy during your time in Istanbul. Be sure to check out the Blue Mosque and Süleymaniye Mosque, Topkapı Palace (a must-see museum), and the ancient Hippodrome—and don't forget to do a little shopping at the famed Grand Bazaar for rugs and other goodies that'll go perfectly in your meditation nook.

Healthy pit stop: Can you go to Turkey without experiencing a Turkish bath? There are plenty to choose from to get a little R&R during your trip—and you might even be able to rock some traditional wooden clogs while you're at it.

10. Barcelona, Spain

Check out the beautiful Sagrada Família church, the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, the famous pedestrian walkway Las Ramblas, and the greenest oasis in the city at Parc de la Ciutadella.

Healthy pit stop: Run along the beach boardwalk at La Barceloneta, which looks over the turquoise sea. Then for a snack, pick up a fresh-squeezed juice at La Boquería, a large public market that's one of the city's top landmarks.

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