These Are the Top Ketogenic Diet-Friendly Cities in the US

Photo: Instagram/@eatflowerchild
Sticking with your eating plan of choice is pretty doable when you're at home cooking all your meals with ingredients you know comply. But figuring out what to order when eating out requires a whole other level of navigation. It's part of the reason why when someone has dietary restrictions, they have a tendency to alert the whole table—hey, everyone's been there.

According to Yelp, right now the number one diet they're seeing pop-up again and again in their reviews is (drumroll) the ketogenic diet. (So shocking, right?) The high-fat, low-carb eating plan is trending across the US, and Yelp users are searching for restaurants with menus that offer more than just, well, eggs.

Yelp's team of researchers calculated the number of reviews that referred to a restaurant as keto-friendly or had keto-approved options and tallied up which cities had the most mentions. The results might surprise you: Austin, TX, came in as the number-one ketogenic-friendly city in the US, with Moroccan restaurant The Flying Carpet.

Sliding in at number two is Phoenix, AZ, where casual healthy eatery Eat By Stacey Weber is a local hotspot. The third most popular ketogenic-friendly diet city is Dallas, TX, highlighting specifically local health-conscious eatery Flower Child. Fourth on the list is Portland, OR, with Fern Kitchen—which prioritizes sourcing ingredients locally—as the favored restaurant to check out.

Wherever you live, one thing's for sure: It's getting easier to live your best keto life ever.

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