Your Complete Guide to Which Peloton Instructor’s Class Is Right for You, Depending on Your Workout Style

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After weeks of waiting, your Peloton bike has finally arrived. You strap yourself into the pedals, turn on the screen, and get ready for your first class, only to be met with hundreds of options to choose from. How can you possibly decide?! Peloton is known for its powerhouse roster of instructors, each of whom have their own training style and pump-up playlists to go along with it.

To help you navigate and figure out who's the best fit for the way you ride, we asked Peloton devotees to share their favorite trainers for every type of ride. Whether you're looking for a pedal-friendly dance party or a bike-based bootcamp, we've got you covered with the most popular Peloton instructors for your workout personality.

If you want to get a seriously hard workout in: Robin Arzón 

Robin Arzón's fans describe their relationship with her as "love/hate," because her classes are some of the hardest you'll find on the platform. She approaches fitness with "tough love," and you'll seriously be feeling the burn after 45 minutes at her mercy.

If you want to feel uplifted: Ally Love 

Ally Love is all about good vibes. Her "Sundays With Love" rides are fan favorites, and her classes are designed to "make you feel proud and uplifted, both on and off the bike." Fans adore her for her motivational commentary, which one regular says, "feels like she's speaking directly to you." Plus, her playlists are chock-full of Beyoncé

If you want some entertainment: Cody Rigsby

"Cody's classes are filled with lols," says one fan. "He makes you forget you're working out," adds another. He blasts a lot of Britney Spears, and really there's' no better way to get your mind off of your screaming muscles than bopping along to "Stronger."

If you want a ride that will leave you dripping in sweat: Alex Toussaint

On days when getting on a spin bike is the last thing that you feel like doing, opt for one of Toussaint's classes. "There's no sugar coating with him: He tells you he's going to kick your ass, and then does it," says a fan. He's well-known for his ability to connect to his community and integrates his military background to his ultra-structured rides.

If you want to step off the bike feeling strong: Kendall Toole

"Kendall is so strong and smart, and makes you feel invincible after every single class," says one of Toole's regular riders. Her rock-and-roll-packed playlists will pump you up, and her positive energy will keep you coming back for more. But be warned: Fans of hers say "you won't be able to walk for days."

If you're looking for an in-home cheerleader: Olivia Amato

Thanks to Amato's inspiring energy, it's impossible to want to quit her classes early. She sticks with you through every pedal stroke, cheering you on until the very last song... which is usually a hyped-up pop remix.

If you love a dance-based ride: Leanne Hainsby

Whether you're a disco fan or a Broadway buff, Hainsby's themed rides will have you dancing on your bike for 45 minutes straight. She's a former backup dancer (who has casually worked with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry), so expect a lot of choreography in her classes.

If you want a ride that will make you smile: Tunde Oyeneyin

Oyeneyin's classes are chock full of the type of inspirational guidance you need to stay motivated through the very last pedal stroke. "Her classes are hard, but she talks you through it and always has the best smile on her face," says one of Oyeneyin's devoted riders, who calls her "the love of my life."

If you want a ride that will fly by: Emma Lovewell

For a 45-minute class that will go by in a blink, opt for one of Lovewell's interval or arms classes. "They fly by because she alternates every other song between arms and cycling," says one of Lovewell's devoted riders. "Her classes are consistently great and have amazing music—I love her choreographed 'Groove' rides. Plus, you can actually hit the metrics she sets, but they're still hard rides."

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