This Is the Most Popular Sports Bra, According to Pinterest

Photo: Instagram/@ashley.mcadams
If you’ve ever glanced around a studio and experienced déjà vu while looking at the same distinctively strappy sports bra on multiple women, you’re probably not seeing things: There’s one design, in particular, that’s incredibly popular. It's Lululemon’s Free To Be (Wild) style, which has been favorited on Pinterest more than 30,000 times this year—despite being sold out.

At this point, it's one of the rarest finds on the endangered activewear list and a strictly resale-only item that occasionally becomes available on sites like eBay. One look at its pretty web of eight crisscrossing straps, mounted on a thin band, with a clean-cut front silhouette, and it's easy to see why the flattering construct has such universal appeal.

Lululemon’s Free To Be (Wild) style has been favorited on Pinterest more than 30,000 times this year.

It's fans are so devout, in fact, that they've started leaving pleas for Lululemon to bring back the style in Pinterest reviews of the piece: “Love it. I need it in my life,” begs one person. The fitness-fashion giant has yet to restock the sports bra, but fear not: There’s an alternative that’s currently available.

The OG sports bra's slightly less-strappy little sister costs the same as the original, $48, and is also intended for yoga and low-impact studio work. Its shape is nearly identical in the front—but with a significantly wider band, and just four interwoven straps in the back instead of eight.

It's too soon to tell how it'll compare to its forbearer in a popularity contest, but it's already racked up lots of reviews on Lululemon’s site—over 1,000, compared to the Free To Be (Wild)’s 600-plus—including a “favorite sports bra of all time.” Perhaps it's a frontrunner in the most-pinnable sports bra of 2018 category? TBD.

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