Apple Cider Vinegar Shots and Astrological Stress Relief: the 10 Most-Read Well+Good Stories of 2017

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Generally speaking, this hasn't been the best year—you could even argue it's been a raging dumpster fire of a year. Chaos is everywhere: in politics, in the search for balance between our personal and digital lives, and in our eating habits (is coconut oil okay or not?!). But on a more positive note, it's also been a hallmark year for healthy things—alt-milks have gone mainstream, woo-woo wellness has moved from weird to essential, and boutique fitness is basically the norm.

Well+Good readers (that's you!) were interested in those trends, sure, but what were the year's top stories? There are some more obvious contenders and topics: apple cider vinegar is the popular girl of superfoods, exercising smarter is a growing trend, and figuring out how to de-stress is becoming more and more crucial (same, always). And there are some surprises, too.

Keep scrolling to see what Well+Good readers read the most this year.

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1. 3 things that happen when you stop showering for a month

apple cider vinegar
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2. I drank a shot of apple cider vinegar every morning for a week—here's what happened

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3. The 10 worst things you can do at the gym, according to W+G readers

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4. The yogi behind the period viral video speaks out

5. 6 inflammation-causing foods no one talks about

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6. Is technology wrecking your skin?

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7. The best way to de-stress, according to your astrological sign

how long should you run
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8. How long should your runs actually be?

Best and worst nutrition bars
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9. The 5 best and worst nutrition bars

10. The beginner’s guide to cutting out sugar

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