The Most Romantic Day of the Year Is *Not* February 14—Here’s When to Mark Your Calendar

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If your Valentine's Day is likely to end like mine—on the couch in stretchy pants, watching Netflix while eating Thai takeout—you may be relieved to know that, astrologically speaking, February 14 is not the most romantic day of the year.

Indeed intuitive astrologer and healer Rachel Lang suggests marking four other days this year with heart-eye emojis. Two are next month, which means you just have to hold on to your spring rolls for another couple of weeks before you can replace them with an object of affection that is human.

Below, Lang explains how each of the four Valentine's Day alternatives not invented by capitalism will be supercharged for the type of romance you can't buy from the Trader Joe's floral section at the last-minute.

The most romantic days of the year, according to the universe

1. March 8, 2020

Because Venus stands next to Uranus, the planet of change, March 8 could bring sudden changes in relationships. "This is the day to express your feelings to your crush or ask someone out on a whim," she suggests.

The Sun and "dreamy" Neptune are in conjunction on this day as well. "Things may not be clear, or you may not have a sense of the future, but indulge in the experience of being in love," Lang says. If you find yourself single on March 8, it's a good time to find closure around a past relationship. "For all of us, it’s a time to imagine the possibilities for our love lives," she says. "For Pisces and Taurus, it’s time for a beautiful new beginning in love."

2. March 28, 2020

"Venus trines Jupiter, and the Moon joins in as well," says Lang. "This is a highly romantic day, one in which you can easily overlook some of your partner’s faults or some of the challenges in your relationship. For anyone who’s single, this is a day when you might feel some hope and be less jaded about love."

This transit, Lang says, is especially favorable for earth signs—Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. "Pisces and Cancer will enjoy it, too," she adds.

3. August 27, 2020

Jackpot! Lang says this is by far one of the most romantic days of the year... for everyone. "A Venus trine Neptune transit heightens the feeling of love and compassion," she says. "This is the type of influence that allows you to see the very best in others, without judgment or criticism."

Jupiter is involved in this as well, Lang says, as Venus opposes it. "This influence suggests we might feel a swell of romantic emotions and want to indulge all day," she says. "It’s a perfect date night or a great influence for whisking your love away on a spontaneous getaway."

Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces will feel this the most, as will Capricorn and Taurus. "Libras tend to feel these romantic transits no matter how their sun sign is aspected," says Lang.

4. December 14, 2020

On this day, Lang says we have a Venus-Jupiter sextile, which sounds like a X-rated thing the kids are doing these days but it actually means that the planets will be 60 degrees apart. "Because Saturn’s involved, this is a time when you might want to make a deeper commitment, especially if you’re an earth sign," she says. "We could see some proposals around this time, or at the least, see people deciding to take the next step!" (Cue every girl expecting a ring this year letting out a silent scream.)

Even Sagittarians, she says, could decide to make the next move on this most romantic day of the year. "The Sun and moon will be in Sagittarius that day, and they will feel the influence of the New Moon, and the fresh start it will be for their love life," Lang explains. "Aquarius will feel it as well, because the outer planets Jupiter and Saturn will be moving into their sign very soon after; this day will be an invitation for them to express the desires of their hearts."

With that said, Lang notes that Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio will likely feel the influence the most, making the the single most romantic day of the year.

Personally, I'm a bit bummed there's nothing here specific to my sign, Aries, but given that Thai food has never broken my heart, I could be okay to go another year hiding from love in a bowl of green curry. Besides, it always shows up for me when I need it, and if that's not the height of romance, I don't know what is.

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