Most Women Still Feel Ugly Without Makeup

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A new poll of adult American women found that most of us feel either unattractive, naked, or self-conscious without makeup.


By Alexandra Spunt for

It’s been well over a year ago now since we held the No-Makeup Challenge, and got these inspiring results from readers who dared to go barefaced in public and snap a pic for us.

The point of the challenge was never to get down on makeup—we’re both huge fans of the transformative power of lipsticks, eye liners, concealers and blushes—but to call into question our dependance on the stuff, and just to re-introduce everyone to their face without it. If only for a few hours.

But now the Globe and Mail is reporting that a poll conducted of 1,292 adult American women has found that most of us feel either unattractive (16%), naked (14%), or self-conscious (14%) when we don’t wear makeup. Guh. Do you fall into one of these categories?

I, for one, used to go to sleep with my mascara and eye liner on—only to wake up and reapply. Setting aside the fact that that is a disgusting, bacteria-filled nightmare, for many years the only time I saw my face free of makeup was for those few moments after a shower and before I left for work. If I had a boy over, I’d usually apply a little something-something in secret before he could see me in my true form. God forbid.

A lot has changed since then. Keep reading...

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