Editor-Vetted Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mom

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Mother's Day gifting can be challenging—how do you surprise and delight the person who literally brought you into this world? Enter: our Mother's Day gift guide. I put heads together with other W+G staffers to assemble this list of unique gifts for a wide variety of moms. Sure, some of the gifts you'll find below are standard mom-friendly items, such as gardening gloves. But there also a handful of specific, eclectic, and sentimental gifts (A bread lame! An olive-shaped pillow! A breastmilk pendant!) that she probably wouldn't expect. So, whether your mother is a journaler, a foodie, a gardener, or a fitness buff, there's bound to be an item on our list that will bring a smile to her face.

Our Mother's Day gift guide, at a glance:

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Cozy Earth navy bamboo jogger set from our mother's day gift guide
For the mom who loves to lounge: Cozy Earth, Bamboo Jogger Set — $228.00

Regularly $295, on sale for $228

I love this jogger set from Cozy Earth and, if your mom likes loungewear, my bet is that she will too. It’s made with buttery bamboo viscose and just the right amount of spandex for stretchiness. Plus, it’s available in seven different colors and the joggers are sold separately from the crewneck sweatshirt, so you can mix and match if you want. Best of all, from now until May 15th you can snag it for 25 percent off.

zingerman's mother's day brunch box, from our bother's day gift guide
For the mom who wants breakfast in bed: Zingerman's, Mother's Day Brunch Box — $100.00

“If I can’t be home with my mom on Mother’s Day to make her breakfast, I love to send her baked goods so she still feels pampered. Zingerman’s is my go-to and their nationwide shipping is a lifesaver!” says W+G’s Senior Food Editor, Betty Gold. The Mother’s Day Brunch Box contains a chocolate and raisin babka, a box of four mini scones (two currant, one ginger, and one lemon), a jar of raspberry hibiscus preserves, and a bag of Zingerman’s whole bean coffee.

Woheer gardening gloves, from our mother's day gift guide
For the mom with a green thumb: Woheer, Gardening Gloves — $16.00

If my mom has it her way, she’ll spend at least part of her Mother’s Day putzing around the garden. If that sounds familiar, I’m here to remind you that a pair of gardening gloves is always a good idea. These durable and cute gloves come in two different sizes (medium and large) and a variety of pretty floral patterns. Throw in a gift card to her local nursery and she’ll be one happy sunflower.

an anthurium from easyplant, on our mother's day gift guide
For the mom with a not-so-green thumb: Easyplant, Medium Anthurium — $79.00

Maybe your mom is better keeping her distance from foliage, and that’s OK! Easyplant offers a variety of gorgeous potted plants that need minimal (like, minimal) care. Each gorgeous plant-child comes in a self-watering pot that only requires her attention once a month. I have a ruby ficus from Easyplant and let me tell you, it is flourishing and I really can’t take much credit at all. I just fill the water container once a month and keep it in the type of light Easyplant suggested. Also worth noting: if something does go awry with your plant in the first 90 days, the company will send you a replacement.

the buzz charleston bug spray, from our mother's day gift guide
For the semi-outdoorsy mom: The Buzz, Charleston Designer Bug Spray — $65.00

I never thought I’d be typing “designer bug spray,” but here we are. If your mom likes to spend time outdoors but is always complaining about mosquitos (“they love me”) you’ll absolutely want to consider getting her this fancy-pants insect repellant. The only ingredients are essential oils that are blended in organic, non-GMO sugarcane alcohol, so you don’t need to worry about icky Deet or other chemicals. I love the elevated bottle and that it smells—and I consider this a good thing—like “Love Spell” from Victoria’s Secret. But most importantly, it doesn’t smell like bug spray.

maria nila masque and scalp brush, from our mother's day gift guide
For the mom who needs a (scalp) massage: Maria Nila, Scalp Brush and True Soft Masque — $50.00

I’m late to the scalp brush game, but holy moly I now see why everyone loves them. I use Maria Nila’s brush every week and scrubbing those little silicone teeth all over my head is easily my new favorite act of self-care. If your mom could use a little de-stressing, a scalp massage (which also exfoliates the scalp and helps remove product resiude) might be just what the doctor ordered. Pair it with the True Soft Hair Masque ($35), which smells like rose, vanilla, and jasmine, and will leave her hair silky smooth.

beauty pie bestseller trio, from our mother's day gift guide
For the mom with a 10-step skin-care routine: Beauty Pie, Bestseller Trio — $59.00

If your mom loves nothing more than to spend copious amounts of time on her skin-care routine, she’ll appreciate this trio of bestsellers from Beauty Pie. The set includes the brand’s Japanfusion Cleanser, Super Healthy Skin Deluxe Moisture Body Cremé, and Super Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Cream (you might want to point out that she doesn’t *need* that last one). All three products are safe for all skin types and are jam packed with skin-care ingredients she knows and loves.

Pura 4 smart diffuser, from our mother's day gift guide
For the scent-obsessed mom: Pura, Pura 4 Smart Diffuser — $40.00

If your mom has always wanted a diffuser but hasn’t wanted to give up the counter space, she’ll love the Pura 4. It’s a plug-in smart diffuser that holds two different scents at a time and can be easily controlled via the Pura app. The scents are high-end fragrance blends from brands you know and love (think: Capri Blue, Brooklyn Candle Company, Tommy Bahama) and the device also has a cute nightlight feature. Best of all, right now you can save 20 percent on sets and subscriptions for Mother’s Day.

kosta boda meadow spring vase, from our mother's day gift guide
For the flower-lover mother: Kosta Boda, Meadow Spring Vase — $175.00

We’re loving this beautiful vase from Kosta Boda. Designed by artist Sara Persson, the vessel’s body is rolled in crushed colored glass during production so no two are alike (awww, just like moms). I think it probably goes without saying, but you must gift this to your mom with flowers inside. Better yet, gift her a subscription to Bouqs so she can refill her vase on the reg!

grown alchemist hand wash and cream, from our mother's day gift guide
For the mom with a clean aesthetic: Grown Alchemist, Hand Wash & Hand Cream Twin Set — $59.00

Whether your design-loving mom leans more Joanna Gaines or more Architectural Digest, she no-doubt loves a chic bathroom setup. That means every little detail counts, from the vanity knobs to the hand soap. Personally, I never cared about hand soap until I discovered Grown Alchemist, but now I can’t get enough of this bougie duo. The hand wash and hand cream’s scents compliment each other so nicely (primary notes of orange, vanilla, cedarwood, and sage), but they’re different enough that you don’t feel like you’re moisturizing your hands with… more soap. Again, it’s the little things.

mejuri birthstone pendants, from our mother's day gift gudie
For the mom who is also your BFF: Mejuri, Birthstone Charm — $98.00

Jessica Willison Reyes, W+G Business Development & Ops Manager, wants a gift that’s representative of her daughter—and she has her eye on this birthstone pendant from Mejuri. Each of the 4mm gemstones sits in a delicate 14-carat gold setting. You can choose to add it to one of Mejuri’s bracelets or necklaces, or you can gift the pendant alone so mom can pop it on a chain she already owns. Oh, and a surefire way to make her cry? Get a piece for yourself with her birthstone.

mother's milk necklace, from our mother's day gift guide
For the sentimental new mom: Gems and Juniper, Mothers Milk Oval Necklace — $100.00

“I’ve had my eye on breastmilk jewelry and this brand creates really lovely, classic-looking pieces,” says W+G Health Director, Kaitlin Ahern. A sweet and special gift for new moms, Gems & Juniper takes breast milk, preserves it, powders it, then hardens it into a stone. You can choose from four pendant styles, four chain styles and two 14-carat gold chain lengths.

ettitude waffle bathrobe, from our mother's day gift gudie
For the exhausted new mom: Ettitude, Waffle Bathrobe — $119.00

Ettitude is known for their silky smooth bamboo sheets, but they also make a really great bathrobe. Made with sustainably-sourced bamboo waffle fabric, it’s a supple, mid-weight robe that mom won’t want to take off. I can attest, I have the river blue color and it’s so buttery soft and snuggly, but still light enough for the warmer months. Available in 7 colors and 4 sizes.

little words number one mom bracelet, from our mother's day gift guide
For the mom who gives the best hugs: Little Words Project, #1 Mom Bracelet — $25.00

For a present that gets straight to the point, gift her this sweet beaded bracelet from Little Words Project. With acrylic and crystal beads and plated brass hardware, it’s an elevated take on the letter-bead bracelets that recently made a massive comeback (thanks, Taylor Swift!) The #1 Mom bracelet comes in four different sizes: XS, S/M, M/L, or L/XL.

glerups slippers, from our mother's day gift guide
For the WFH mom: Glerups, Wool Slippers — $100.00

If your mom works from home, the gift of supportive yet cozy footwear is a no-brainer. The pinnacle of both support and coziness? Glerups slippers.

“At this point in my commerce journalist career, I’ve tested hundreds of shoes and slippers, and can say wholeheartedly that nothing will ever replace my Glerups. Yeah, they’re pretty nondescript, but they’re peak comfort and make a perfect gift for the Mom who seemingly has everything. I promise you, she’ll never want to take them off her feet,” says W+G Associate Commerce Editor, Francesca Krempa.

furbish qulited coasters, from our mother's day gift guide
For the hostess-with-the-mostess mom: Furbish, Coaster Set — $28.00

The cuter the coasters, the more likely it is that mom’s guests will actually use one—and that’s really the gift. These adorable, quilted cotton drink coasters are made in handmade India and come in a matching pouch. Fubish also makes them in a few other patterns if purple isn’t her color.

stanley cup mother's day edition, form our mother's day gift guide
For the mom of a Gen Z’er: Stanley, Quencher H2.0 Mother’s Day Collection — $35.00

For the mom that has scratched and clawed her way to a limited-edition Stanley, there’s no better gift than this Mother’s Day Edition Quencher. This 30-ounce stainless steel tumbler features a bright floral pattern that she’ll love. Plus, like all the other Stanley cups, it’s dishwasher safe and easily fits into a car cup holder.

birthdate book, from our mother's day gift guide
For the aspiring astrologist mom: Birthdate Book, Personalized Astrological Birth Chart Book — $115.00

If she’s really into astrology, why not let her learn a little more about her birth chart with this made-to-order book? Just provide mom’s birth date, time, and location, and sit back as Birthdate Co. creates a customized hardcover book with over 70 pages of horoscope readings. The fabric binding and intricate cover illustration will look gorgeous on her coffee table. Plus, it’s about her, so of course she’ll love it.

olive pillow from big night, from our mother's day gift guide
For the mom who loves a pun: Big Night, Olive Pillow — $70.00

Nothing says “olive you” like… well, you get it. I love a pun and so does my mom. If that’s the vibe with you and yours, this is a silly-yet-awesome gift that will bring a smile to her face. Lounge on it while you throw back a few dirty martinis together, and you’ve officially crushed Mother’s Day.

kitchenaid mini food processor, from our mother's day gift guide
For the mom who loves cooking shows: KitchenAid, Mini Food Processor — $60.00

Move over, Gordon Ramsay! Help mom level up her cooking game with this small-but-mighty food processor. I use this little thing all. the. time. and stand by the belief that everyone needs one. It holds 3.5 cups of anything (Make pesto! Chop nuts! Liquify stuff!) and comes in a bunch of pretty colors to match any kitchen aesthetic.

williams sonoma bread lame, from our mother's day gift guide
For the mom who baked her own bread before it was cool: Williams Sonoma, Bread Lame — $40.00

This beautiful walnut bread lame is another suggestion from Jessica Willison Reyes. “I love the idea of getting an ‘upgrade’ item—my mom bakes sourdough, so I got her a nice lame,” she says. The sharp blade helps slice into any dough (pro tip: it’s called “docking”) to help her create the perfect crispy-yet-moist loaf. It also comes with a box of razor blades and is packaged in a pretty foil-covered paper box, perfect for gifting.

our place wonder oven, from our mother's day gift guide
For the kitchen-averse mom: Our Place, The Wonder Oven — $195.00

Stereotypes be damned—some moms would rather spend less time in the kitchen, and Eva Rohan, W+G Director of Content & Strategy, thinks the Our Place Wonder Oven is the perfect solution. As the name suggests, this little oven is quite the wonder. It’s a 6-in-1 air fryer and toaster oven that also features steam infusion (can your air fryer do that?). Plus, it preheats 75 percent faster and cooks up to 30 percent faster than traditional ovens, so she can bust out a meal in a flash. We also love that it comes in six different colors and comes with four trays, a 100-day trial, and a 1-year warranty.

dagne dover mila toiletry organizer, from our mother's day gift guide
For the jetsetter mom: Dagne Dover, Mila Toiletry Organizer — $50.00

I was just on a trip with my best friend and her mom, and the latter thought my travel toiletry organizer was the coolest thing—so much so that I told my bff she had to get it for her for Mother’s Day. To her credit, the Mila bag from Dagne Dover is cool. The cylindrical design makes it perfect for organizing your various bottles and tubes on-the-go, and it features an interior zip pocket and a removable, adjustable divider to keep things in place. It’s also made from recycled polyester (eco-win!) and comes in six colors and two sizes.

ivy cove saltwater tote, from our mother's day gift guide
For the mom who's a beach bum: Ivy Cove, Saltwater Tote — $238.00

A well-made tote is a wildly underrated gift. This beautiful cotton canvas bag from Ivy Cove features a leather trim and bottom, a detachable and adjustable strap, and an interior pocket for stashing her phone or wallet. It’s a perfect beach bag, running-errands bag, throw-it-in-and-go bag… you get the idea.

intelligent change becoming a warrior journal, from our mother's day gift guide
For the pensive mom: Intelligent Change, Becoming a Warrior Journal — $30.00

Give mom the gift of self-reflection and personal growth with this guided journal from Intelligent Change, the creators of the ever-popular Five Minute Journal. The “Becoming a Warrior Journal” includes over 100 thoughtful prompts to help her dig deep into her identity and beliefs, no matter where she is in life. The simple cover and cloth-bound design makes this a very pretty gift, too.

stakt yoga mat, from our mother's day gift guide
For the mom who loves a good sweat: Stakt, Foldable Mat — $86.00

Whether mom’s into at-home workouts or hitting up her local yoga studio, having a good exercise mat is key. This foldable design from Stakt is great because, not only is it study, lightweight, and convenient, but it can be folded in sections to provide additional cushion (say, under your knees) or elevation (say, for triceps dips). It’s available in four different colors, ranging from a neutral charcoal to a pretty seafoam tone.

mother's day knit kit from cardigang
For the mom who loves to DIY: Cardigang, Mother's Day Cardigan Knit Kit — $155.00

If mom loves a craft, get her this adorable knit kit from Aussie-based Cardigang. The brand sends everything she’ll need to create an adorable cardigan from scratch, even if she’s a total beginner. It comes with enough yarn, needles, and how-to videos to guide her every step of the way. Choose from three color options and three size ranges (who knows, maybe she’ll even gift it to you?!). There’s even the option to add a sweet Mother’s Day card!

siblings spa candle pack, from our mother's day gift guide
For the mom who reduces, reuses, and recycles: Siblings, Clean Candle Spa Pack — $82.00

Have you ever bought a candle in a vessel you really love and felt sad when the wick met its end? Same. Luckily, Siblings exists. My husband and I order candle refills from them on the reg and we use their non-toxic coconut wax candle kits to repurpose our favorite vessels. The scents are high-quality and stunning, and each bag comes with a wick and enough wax to create a 10-ounce candle. Best of all, the wax comes in a compostable bag from a company that offsets their impact by removing plastic from the ocean.

The Spa Pack, which I bet any mom will love, includes three spa-worthy scents:

  • No 01: Bergamot, White Rose, Oakmoss
  • No 03: Tangerine, Jasmine, Vetiver
  • No 06: Cardamom, Sandalwood, Vanilla
kurt geiger beaded shoulder bag, from our mother's day gift guide
For the stylin' mom: Kurt Geiger, Beaded Kensington Shoulder Bag — $225.00

Shopping for a fashionista? Spoil mom with a new handbag from Kurt Geiger London. The UK-based brand has no shortage of adorable and stylish bags to choose from, but this Beaded Kensington shoulder bag is hands-down my favorite. Fun pops of color with a sleek gold chain strap make it a perfect bag for dressing up or down. Plus, the intricate beading will absolutely attract compliments (which she totally deserves).

How to choose the right gift for your mom

  • Establish your budget: Mother's Day is one of the rare holidays where the expression "it's the thought that counts" actually rings true. Don't feel like you need to break the bank to tell your mom you love her with a gift—although you know your mother best, swanky gifts might be her love language!
  • Practical or sentimental: If your mom has been wanting something practical, Mother's Day is the perfect time to get it for her. I, on the other hand, have a mother who has accumulated ::redacted:: decades worth of stuff. If I'm not buying her a gift card, I'm opting for something truly unique or, better yet, a sappy-ish gift that will bring tears to her eyes.
  • Straight up ask her: Is she tricky to shop for? Sometimes it's easier (on everyone) to just ask her what she wants and deliver. After all, a display of thoughtfulness and reliability can go a long way.


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