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Opinion: These Fuzzy, Celeb-Beloved Slippers Are Worth Every Penny

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I can't remember when I first saw Britney Spears's legendary "Lucky" music video, but I can remember it fundamentally changed my perception of sleepwear forever. That video taught me loungewear should be luxurious. Pop stars don't sleep in flannel pajama sets or oversized T-shirts—they sleep in marabou-collared robes and silky negligees complimented by the most important accessory: fuzzy slippers.

Now, no, I don't hover around my house wearing a fur-trimmed floor-length robe, as I am a middle-class writer, not a middle-aged bombshell whose husband just died under mysterious circumstances. HOWEVER, I do putter around my house wearing fuzzy slippers that look like something Spears would have worn with her iconic "Lucky" costume. My Mou Criss Cross Slippers ($140) are an indulgent treat for my feet that keep them warm, but more importantly, fluff their ego to A-list status.


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Mou, Criss Cross Slippers — $140.00

Don’t these look like something straight out of an Ariana Grande music video?! Plus, they’re warm, so you’ll look as good as you feel.

Pop star looks aside (celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker and Sienna Miller have been wearing the boots for years), these fuzzy slippers are cozy and keep my perpetually cold feet comfortable around the house. Whether I'm working from home, cooking dinner, painting my toenails, or am on the couch mid-Netflix binge, these snuggly slips are almost always on my feet. They're crafted from soft, stunning sheepskin that's plush and cloud-like on even the coldest nights. When the temps really drop (which they often do to to the teens and below where I live), they're still snug enough to keep my feet from freezing. I'll just throw on an extra pair of socks and carry on, toes toasty and tickled-pink.

Of course, their aesthetic appeal doesn't hurt either—they look like something out of a Mariah Carey '90s video. The Mou Criss Cross Slippers are named for their criss-cross shaped upper. While some slides are too wide for my narrow feet, these stay in place and never slide off, even without the help of a heel or thong strap. Since they are open-toed, you'd think that would compromise warmth. I can confirm that it doesn't make a difference—my toes remain happy and hardy in these snuggly slips. And again, there's always the option of putting on socks and doubling-down on warmth when you need it most.

For $140, Mou slippers will unleash your inner pop star and treat your feet to celebrity-inspired treatment. Whether you're looking for ways to warm up your toes this winter, or just need an excuse to up your loungewear game, these slippers have got you covered. Just note: hi-luxe feather sleeve robes and A-list perks are not included.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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