This Is *by Far* the Most Intense Mountain Climber Exercise You’ll Ever Do

Photo: Getty Images/Azman Jaka

Mountain climbers always seem to be on top 10 lists of exercises because, well, they get the job done. That fast-paced motion is already hard on the most basic level, making you sweat bullets as you bring your knees to your chest while simultaneously holding your body steady in a plank. But just wait until you see the amped-up version.

Kirsty Godso, a Nike master trainer, recently shared a pyramid workout that's so intense even watching it will make you go bug-eyed. Instead of doing a normal mountain climber, you're literally mid-air half the time as you do a non-stop mix of climbs and jumps. "Try this heart raiser if you want to throw some sauce into your next workout," she writes. And sauce is right: This move is spicy.

Here's how to do the pyramid exercise, according to Godso.


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The moves:

1x switch climber
1x tuck jump
2x switch climber each leg
2x tuck jumps

How it's done:

Pyramid up as high as you can in 60 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds, then climb back down from the top, trying to beat your score.

How intense does an exercise have to be for the "high" to kick in? Or, work your entire body with this two-minute plank series.

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