Here’s What It Means for Your Go-With-the-Flow Personality If You’re One of the 4 Mutable Zodiac Signs

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I can only imagine the lightness that comes with being easy-going. My preppy Pisces roommate, for instance, can talk to just about anyone at a punk show and doesn't mind switching gears last minute on happy-hour plans, so long as the specials are good. It must be nice (really nice) to feel so socially feathery, and apparently that's the blessing of being born as one of the four mutable signs in astrology.

Don't know what a mutable sign is, besides something I am clearly not? As astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss explains it, "Mutable signs innately know how to go with the flow." They're probably inclusive of your most flexible friends, who are probably born toward the end of any of the four seasons. To clear things up further, below find out what it means for your personality if you're one of the four mutable signs of the zodiac.

The zodiac has 3 quadruplicities, each covering 4 signs

Astrological quadruplicities represent clusters of four zodiac signs and how they act and react in certain situations. As opposed to how the elements—fire, water, Earth, and, air—dictate a person's temperament, quadruplicaties more so point to how a person directs energy behaviorally. Cardinal signs are known for being great self-starters, while fixed signs are known for being consistent in their ways. So, what about mutable signs?

"Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces—the signs that cap off each season—round out our collection of mutables," Weiss tells me. "Each season begins with a cardinal sign, follows up with a fixed sign, and ends with a mutable sign."

"Adaptability, flexibility, and movement define these signs. They don’t get stuck, but they can be hard to pin down. Everything in life is a work in progress." —Stefanie Iris Weiss, astrologer

That's important to remember when think of the each sign being a reflection of the seasons. Cardinal signs are the start, and fixed signs are the full middle, right? So mutable signs, which finish out the season, show a willingness to transition into something new.

"Adaptability, flexibility, and movement define these signs. They don’t get stuck, but they can be hard to pin down," Weiss says. "These signs are ever-evolving and rarely feel like they’ve finished anything. Everything in life is a work in progress."

The significance of mutable signs

Because mutable signs are wired to switch gears quickly, they're able to keep things rolling with a smile, and are thus super-pleasant to be around. They have the ability to be both emotive and intelligent if the situation calls for it.

"When these signs are at their best, they’re intuitive, open-minded, and emotionally-intelligent," says Weiss. "When they’re functioning on a lower octave, these signs can be fickle, rash, and too quick to change without thinking things through, or feeling things through."

Simply put, mutable signs are adept at playing with others, giving advice with equal parts empathy and intelligence, and being dependable. But if you're a mutable sign, there are certainly challenges to consider: "When it comes to your own problems, you might swing back and forth between extremes, worry yourself into insomnia, and make rash decisions that you’ll end up regretting," Weiss says.

To handle any problematic situations in stride, Weiss recommends leaning on self-care habits and channeling your worries elsewhere, whether that's writing it out (Geminis) or dancing it out (Pisces). But still, being a mutable sign gives you the best of both worlds in being able to access your feelings without leaving manners of practicality in the dust.

Oh, and mutable signs likely won't freak out at a message that reads: "Hey, can I bring my co-worker, Jenny, to happy hour? You would love her!" Don't ever do that with a fixed sign though, because they will not love Jenny. At all. Trust me.

Now that you're clear on mutable signs, check out intel about the other two quadruplicities, cardinal signs and fixed signs

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