My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Sarah Lefkowitz

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In the land of smoothie-making kitchen gadgets, the obsessed-over NutriBullet reigns supreme. And registered dietician Sarah Lefkowitz feels lucky to have found her way to the healthy company when her college dining hall buffets provided plenty of inspiration for a healthier way.

"When I really started making my own food choices, I realized the value of what my parents taught me and recognized the benefits of fueling my body with the right foods," she says. That, combined with an academic interest in physiology and a personal interest in cooking, led her to start studying nutrition.

"I really wanted to show people the power nutrition has to keep them healthy," she says. sarah-lefkowitzSo when the revolutionary personal-blender company Nutribullet launched in 2012, she joined as a staff RD.

Since then, Lefkowitz and the other RDs on the team launched a healthy eating program for a high school in Los Angeles that's morphed into today's NutriBullet University Program, which helps students make healthy choices.

One of her tools? Blast #4, a recipe loaded with omega-3-packed walnuts, kale, and fresh mint, along with nutrient-dense fruits, making it a perfectly nourishing breakfast or post-workout snack. —Amy Marturana

NutriBullet University Blast #4

1 cup kale
1/2 banana
1/2 small apple
1 Tbsp walnuts
2 Tbsp raw oats
2 cucumber chunks (approx. one inch each)
2–4 fresh mint leaves
1–1.5 cups coconut water

Blast all the ingredients in your NutriBullet for about 20 seconds (or blend them in your blender until smooth). If you like your smoothies cold, you can freeze the banana and apple beforehand and refrigerate the coconut water and other veggies.

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