My Five Beauty Obsessions: Cindy Joseph

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Cindy Joseph is a natural-leaning celebrity makeup artist, a Ford classic model, and the creator of BOOM! cosmetics. Here's what she keeps in her makeup bag.

As a celebrity makeup artist since the '70s, Cindy Joseph has always emphasized a clean, natural look.

She also became a Ford classic super model at 49, so she knows a little something about natural, ageless beauty.

Which is why Joseph formulated her new line of easy-to-use, paraben-free makeup sticks—BOOM! By Cindy Joseph.  

Here are five products this beauty maven can't live without:

1. USANA Daily Cleanser ($19) I have used this cleanser for more than 14 years. It's very gentle, yet cleans my skin beautifully. It never leaves my skin tight or dry. And best of all, it doesn't sting my eyes at all.

2. USANA Rice Bran Polisher ($14) This is my miracle deep cleanser. It cleans my pores so well, that even viewing them under my 15 x magnifying mirror, I see my skin is sparkling clean! I am obsessed with using this at least once a week.

3. Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Mascara ($19) This works on all eyelash types. It has a great brush and gives you a natural look with no flaking at all. And it stays soft, so you can layer more on if you choose.

 4. Corn starch. When my scalp gets a little oily, but my hair is clean, I coat my hands with regular old cornstarch from the kitchen and rub it into the base of my hair. Instantly the oil is gone and my hair feels and looks fluffy and fresh. It works much better than dry shampoos, costs next to nothing, and is safe for me and the environment. I carry a little bottle of it when I travel.

BOOM! by Cindy Joseph5. BOOM! ($24–$48) I designed these cosmetics to deliver what I have always wanted. They're simple—no applicators—contain no parabens, and are multitasking. Boomstick Glo for all-natural protection and moisture, Boomstick Color for the look of healthy revved up circulation, and Boomstick Glimmer for radiance. All three create the look of my skin when I am my happiest—I look totally natural and ravishing!

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