My Five Beauty Obsessions: Jennifer Williams

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The woman behind Pop Physique's barre method and modern sensibility (are those hot pants?!) explains how she squeezes in one focused beauty ritual each week.

Pop Physique founder Jennifer Williams. (Photo: Jennifer Williams)
"I always wear makeup, although I'm told that it doesn't look like I do. And I definitely wear makeup to teach or take class," says Pop Physique founder Jennifer Williams. (Photo: Pop Physique)


Jennifer Williams is the founder of Pop Physique, a West Coast-based barre company with 16 locations and super sassy branding—think bright '80s leotards, shirred-back American Apparel panties, and a best-selling DVD called "Butt School."

Williams' playful side is conscious—she danced professionally with four ballet companies before discovering the Lotte Berk system and designing her own modern barre workout. "I set out to make a fitness concept that would fit my own lifestyle," Williams says. "It had to be efficient, stylish, and have great music."

And her personal beauty philosophy is equally modern: "Beauty is when a woman has a comfort in her own shape, and a confidence in her opinions," explains Williams, who just had her fourth child last week.

Still she makes time for one key beauty ritual. "On Saturdays, I try to do my Karuna mask routine," she says. Here's what else the new mama and barre industry mover and shaker is slathering on right now. —Jamie McKillopLibrary

1. Library Of Flowers Wildflower and Fern Shower Gel ($21) Library of Flowers products are amazing for their natural scents and they contain shea butter, which makes this body wash really moisturizing.

2. Erbaviva Refreshing Foot Balm ($14) I love Erbaviva products for myself and my babies. For me, it's about their foot balm.Erbaviva It is amazing on dry feet—whether you're pregnant or not.

3. Erbaviva Baby Washbag Pouch ($35) This one is really for my baby. It's the sweetest little muslin sachet filled with organic soap that sort of melts and becomes super soft in the bath water. It can be used to rub in to clean and soothe during baths.Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.15.41 PM

4. Davines Natural Tech Replumping Shampoo ($21) I love this Italian line of hair products. I usually use the regular line, but when I was pregnant my scalp was so sensitive that I started using its even more natural line, Natural Tech. The scents are always pleasing and not overpowering. They clean and condition perfectly.

5. Karuna Brightening Sheet Mask ($28) I love these facial masks for how pure they feel.brighteningmask It's an exfoliating and brightening treatment with peptides that you leave on for 20 minutes. They smell like heaven, and I use their gold pouch for travel.


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