My Five Beauty Obsessions: Leilani Bishop

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-4Fashion model Leilani Bishop turned her striking beauty into a successful career, as her appearances in Victoria's Secret fashion shows, on Allure magazine covers, and as the face of Courtney Love's Hole "Live Through This" album suggest.

But Bishop's beauty comes from somewhere other than excellent genes (or Photoshop).

"I think every one has beauty to express, and that comes through confidence and letting your inner beauty out," the native Hawaiian says. "I believe natural products support inner beauty."

Bishop began her modeling career in the 1990s, and has since added perfumier to her resume with her line of all-natural, oil-based, one note fragrances.

But despite what her life might look like on paper (um, glamorous), the woman is still human, and her beauty routine is, too. "Ideally, I would like 30 minutes a day to do a mask, scrub, tone, and moisturize" she says. "But I end up doing a quick scrub in the shower and just dabbing on some yummy face oil or lotion."

Keep reading for the cover girl's everyday beauty picks that she uses to get ready for the cameras or just for herself... —Jamie McKillop

Dr.HauschkaDayCream1. Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream ($55) I'm a big fan of Dr. Hauschka; it was probably my first real organic experience that felt luxurious. I love many of the products but always have the Rose Day Cream on me. I spend a lot of time outdoors, and the Rose Day Cream is one of the few things that heals and hydrates after being in the elements. The lotion's capture of the rose is beautiful as well.

2. Pratima Neem Rose Face Sunscreen ($26) Sunscreen is always something I struggle with as it tends to ruin my skin, making it feel bumpy and dry. But it also protects my skin from damaging UV rays. Pratima's is light and balanced, however, and does not affect my skin. Being an Ayurvedic doctor, all her products are amazing.EarthTu_Natural_Face_Scrub

4. Earth Tu Face Salt Scrub ($44) Earth Tu products are incredibly fresh and light, and feel like you just harvested the ingredients and made your own products in your backyard. Only it was actually made by California healers. This body scrub is delicious and smells amazing—and it prevents dryness.

3. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask ($55) I love Tata Harper's Resurfacing Mask. Not only does it leave your face clean and shiny and smooth—and pimple free. It's beautiful to touch and looks like guava jelly. Not to mention it being organic as organic can be.Leilani Bishop Orange Blossom perfume

5. Leilani Bishop Orange Blossom Fragrance Oil ($62) I love this scent of mine. This orange blossom captures more of the whole of the blossom branch and has a tangy fresh scent to it. It acts like a pick-me-up where ever I may be.

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