My Five Beauty Obsessions: Meegan Gregg

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(Photo: Jolie Goodson)
"My claim to fame is teaching a class that brings the booty work. I cannot get enough of it. I figure not every woman can look like a runway model, but we can all have a healthy, lifted seat, no matter what our genetics," says Meegan Gregg. (Photo: Jolie Goodson)

Unlike many instructors who find themselves called to teaching barre classes because they're already flexy, bendy types, Meegan Gregg didn't get her start in a dance studio. Her career began in San Francisco—in finance and biotech, no less.

But after visiting Portland, Oregon, home of the internationally practiced Barre3 workout, Gregg left corporate life and pliéd her way into a job as an instructor at their flagship studio.

Now the master instructor with an evergreen month-long wait list has just moved to New York City to oversee the opening of Barre3's first Big Apple-based studio (slated to open this spring). And her UC Berkley education and Pacific Northwest approach to beauty is one busy, fitness-lovers can relate to.

Although she doesn't leave the house without lip gloss and blush, she's got the little-goes-a-long-way thing down. "I'm definitely sweating a lot, so wearing a lot of makeup just doesn't work for me," she explains. No raccoon eyes or lipstick smudges, thanks!

Here's what Gregg is touching up with in between Barre3 classes, a workout you can experience April 6 as part of the Sweat Series. —Jamie McKillop

Face Stockholm1. Face Stockholm Pot Gloss in Crazy ($19) This is the most amazing lip gloss I've ever owned—and I'm a lip gloss hoarder. It looks a little shocking in the pot—think Debbie-Gibson-Electric-Youth fuchsia. But applied lightly to the lips, it just looks like pure health. It gives a sheer wash of natural vibrant pink and the texture is lovely. It's actually moisturizing and never sticky, plus the lid has a mirror on it so you can apply it when you're on the go.

Josie Maran Cheek Gelee2. Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee ($22) I'm a blush girl—it's the one product I won't leave my house without. This gel blush is my absolute favorite. It gives the healthiest flush of color and doesn't sit on the skin at all, but really looks like you're blushing from the inside. Berry Bliss is a gorgeous shade, lasts all day long, and really brightens the whole face. Love it.

Sea Salt3. Olive Oil and Course Sea Salt ($40, $5) I've been doing this since high school—my mom taught me about it. It's about as natural as it gets, and better than any commercial scrub I've ever used. I hop in the shower without turning on the water and slather on olive oil from shoulder to toe (it's too harsh for my face). Then I grab handfuls of course salt and scrub, scrub, scrub til my skin is pink. I take a full five minutes to slough off dead skin, and I feel like a new person after. My skin is super soft and smooth and you'll see a healthy glow. Noticing a trend here?

drhauschkamask4. Dr. Hauschka Rejuvenating Mask ($30) This is another amazing product! I don't use it as a mask exactly, but I layer it under my moisturizer before I go to bed. It's kind of like a nighttime skin-care treatment. It evens out my skin tone, helps fade scars and heal any blemishes I might have, and it smells amazing. It's also really gentle, which I like, so the results are cumulative, which seems healthier to me.

5. Crunchy Betty It's Tamanu Thyme Cleansing Oil ($15) This product was recommended by a girlfriend of mine in Portland who found Crunchy Betty's Etsy shop by accident—the wonders of playing on the internet! It's an incredible product and has truly changed my skin for the better. It's a non-GMO super gentle cleansing oil that doesn't strip the skin, but still removes makeup, even mascara. Crunchy BettyI cannot say enough good things about it. I don't know the woman who runs the shop, but her name is Leslie and she always includes the recipe with every shipment, plus a little hand written note. I just ordered another bottle before writing this, in fact.

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