My Five Beauty Obsessions: Melissa Ravo and Jaime Boreanaz

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Two years ago, Los Angeles-based Melissa Ravo and Jaime Boreanaz (yes, she's married to David Boreanaz, who'll always be "Angel" from Buffy to us) watched as their young daughters played nail salon.

When the two best friends noticed the girls kept putting their fingers in their mouths with fresh polish applied, they decided to Google the ingredients.

"We were floored to discover that there are such harsh chemicals in nail polish," Boreanaz says. "We had a real Aha moment to create something that's non-toxic, high quality, will dry fast, last long, and be at an affordable price."

The result is Chrome Girl, a five-free, vegan, USA-manufactured nail polish line that comes in cool, on-trend colors and really does satisfy all of those criteria.

The company is based out of Westlake Village where Ravo, a former events coordinator, and Boreanaz, a former actress, live, and creating it has forced them to pay more attention to other aspects of their own beauty routines, too.

"In my early twenties, I didn't think about what was in my beauty products," Ravo says. "After having a baby and thinking about everything I'm putting on them, I realized I should be doing this for myself as well. Who's going to take care of the kids if you're not taking care of yourself?"

Here's what the "Chrome Girls" are using now. —Jamie McKillop


img1. Josie Maran Argan Creamy Concealer Crayon ($20) This is my absolute favorite concealer. It's free of all those nasty chemicals, is super hydrating, and the argan oil makes the application glide on. It gives beautiful coverage, and I love that it's so easy to use.

2. Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation ($49) I love how weightless this is and the super hydrating effect. I don't need moisturizer under it! I love the fact that it's free of dyes, parabens, talc, and other chemicals and the pump is really great way to dispense it. It's my go-to foundation.

img-13. Chrome Girl Cuticle Oil ($14) I am obsessed with this product. I literally use this every single night before I go to bed. It's only filled with yummy ingredients like aloe and essential oils to make my skin and nails feel like they had a spa treatment every time. It provides ultra hydration, is nourishing to my cuticles, and promotes longevity in my nail polish. Oh, and did I mention the delicious melon scent?


4. Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer ($23) My all-time favorite! This lotion is made from pure herbal extracts and comes in a variety of fragrances. I love them all. My five-year-old daughter can't get enough either. She loves it so much, I have to monitor her application after bath time. It's uber moisturizing, and infused with antioxidants, vitamins, and herbal extracts.

chrome-girl-genie-nail-lacquer-remover-pads-pina-colada-d-20140106115608193~3115545. Chrome Girl Genie Nail Lacquer Remover ($15) I can't live without my Chrome Girl polish remover pads. The reason it's called "Genie" is because your three wishes are granted when it comes to a polish remover: It's non-acetone and paraben-free, cuticle conditioning, and nail strengthening. And it's piña colada scented without a trace of that traditional nasty remover smell.

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(Photo: Chrome Girl)

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