My Five Beauty Obsessions: Niki Taylor

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While there's no exact formula to getting the glowy skin worthy of 400-plus magazine covers, the supermodel happily dished on her daily beauty essentials.

Niki Taylor natural beauty obsessions
Niki Taylor  (Photo: Jim Jordan)


Niki Taylor isn’t your run-of-the-mill supermodel on a Diet Coke and celery diet. In fact, the married mother of four makes it a priority to stay active with daily runs, a few Crossfit workouts a week, and she has a healthy diet that includes plenty of H20 and probiotics.

She even has a health-related charity: Taylor is working with the 2012 Nexcare Give Campaign, a nationwide program with the American Red Cross that encourages people to donate blood. (It's a cause close to her heart after a near fatal car accident in 2001.)

While there’s no easy formula to getting glowing skin and a toned bod worthy of 400-plus magazine covers (genes? personal trainer?), Taylor gave us the exclusive dish on the five essentials she considers to be key to her daily beauty routine. —Sharon FeiereisenOptimal Solutions

1. Supplements that support great skin. I like Nature's Bounty. They make Optimal Solutions’ Hair, Skin and Nails ($15) formula and their Controlled Delivery Probiotic $(15), which I take regularly.

2. Kanebo Silky Purifying Creamy Soap ($50) This is my favorite face wash. It’s kind to my skin and keeps me looking and feeling fresh.

3. Mac Dazzleglass in Date Night ($20) It stays on a really long time and it’s my favorite color at the moment.

4. Too Faced Primer ($27) This is just one of those things that works for me and my skin and makes everything look better.MAC lip gloss Date Night

5.  Any one of my hundred perfumes. This month I like Black Orchid by Tom Ford ($105). I like to leave the ones I'm not using in the refrigerator so they last longer and don't build bacteria.

BEAUTY BONUS: Taylor swears by running, getting a "proper amount" of sleep, and drinking lots of water. "I wake up one hour before the kids to get on the treadmill or go for a long run outside. I've also found that drinking a lot of water really helps your skin looks better. These things also make you feel great."

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