My Studio Style: Astrid Swan Mcguire

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This fitness model and star Barry's Bootcamp trainer has a divining rod for hot workout leggings. Here are the ones she's loving right now.

(Photo: Astrid Swan McGuire)
(Photo: Astrid Swan McGuire)


Astrid Swan McGuire's clients are accustomed to seeing her sweating and grunting away next to them, so they're understandably surprised when they catch the Los Angeles-based trainer and Barry's Bootcamp instructor in her other mode—as a fitness model.

"When people see me outside of Barry's Bootcamp, they often do a double take," McGuire laughs. "I joke, 'What, I look better with a shower and a blowout?!'"

Between non-stop workouts, and her work as a professional wearer of fitness fashion, the Barry's beauty definitely knows her way around a pair of leggings." I wear two to three workout outfits a day," McGuire admits. "Not because I'm crazy, but because I get sweaty from training and I don't want to sit around in cold sweat."

So what does someone who's living in stylish workout fashion reach for? Here are McGuire's must-haves of the moment. Not surprisingly, they're totally fab—blowout or not. —Jamie McKillop

L'Urv sweatshirtL'URV Royal Hoodie in Yellow ($132) I love hoodies! This one has a pop of color (though it also comes in black) and cozy fleece, plus I can wear layers under it and still not look bulky. And it's great to travel in, because planes get cold and the bright yellow makes me look fresh when I land, which helps with those cross country flights from LA to New York City. They also make a jacket in tangerine that's hot!

Lululemon Energy Bra ($48) This is one of my favorite sports bras. The straps don't dig into my shoulders or cause any back gathering…and it has great support. It comes out in new colors and patterns all the time.

Michi New Serpente leggingsMichi New Serpente Leggings ($195) Michi's pants are so hot, I almost don't like to work out in them. I'd rather wear them out to dinner. Is that so wrong?

Solow Swing Pullover ($88) I love the loungy, kickback style of this brand and this long sleeve top. It's loose, but you don't lose your shape. It's perfect to wear during the first part of my workout, before I get sweaty, or after class when I'm showered and getting my smoothie to go.

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