My Studio Style: Marisa Wayne

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(Photo: Grit Cycle)

(Photo: Grit Cycle)
 The Grit founder and instructor favors surprisingly soft picks. (Photo: Grit Cycle)

Marisa Wayne just so happens to be the late John Wayne's daughter. Yes, as in the John Wayne who starred in practically every Western ever filmed and was a total Hollywood icon.

But rather than try and fill her father's, ahem, cowboy boots, Wayne has peddled her way into an entirely different career: indoor cycling. She's the founder of Grit Cycle, the Orange County-based studio that, first and foremost, is all about fostering a sense of community (we "lift each other up," Wayne says)—and serious calorie burning, of course.

But while the studio's name—and rides—are hardcore, Wayne's all about dressing for comfort. "I like soft fabrics that move with you and breathe," she says. "I'm typically in my Lululemon Wunder Unders with a pair of boots and a soft sweatshirt."

"I keep hoping someone will design a cowboy-boot-style cycling shoe that's more attractive," Wayne adds, "but no luck so far." In the meantime, here's what she reaches for when it's time to saddle up—on the bike, that is. —Jamie McKillop

Teeki1. Teeki Deer Medicine Hot Pant ($66) These leggings are totally rad! Not only are they hip and edgy, they're made from recycled plastic bottles and earth-friendly. You would think the fabric might feel weird or stiff, but it doesn't. It feels great—stretchy enough to move with you, but with support where needed.

2. Graced by Grit Lemon Knicker ($58) It's fun to step away from classic black sometimes and add a pop of color. These are from Graced by Grit based in San Diego (no, I'm not affiliated with them). They use great fabrics, which they import from Italy.

Beyond Yoga3. Beyond Yoga Women's Long Racerback Cami ($71) These camis are great because they are a bit longer than some of the other brands. They also come up a bit higher in the chest area so when you are leaning forward over your bike, you have a little extra coverage.

4. Lululemon Iconic Sweater Wrap ($128) I love a cozy, post-workout top. This one is soft and comfortable, but still super stylish.

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