My Weekly Workout: Carol Scott

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When the founder of ECA World Fitness isn't on the hunt for the next big workout phenom, here's how she's getting fit. (Hint: SoulCycle plays a role.)

Carol ScottAs the founder of the ECA World Fitness convention (held in New York in early March and two other cities), Carol Scott's job is to look for the next big workout phenomenon.

"First, I look for the instructor’s ability to motivate and connect with his or her audience," she says. "Then, the program. Is it safe and effective? Does it have a point of view? Is it hitting its goal?"

It's especially important now, she says, since the fitness consumer has gotten so much smarter when it comes to workouts and the scene is bursting with options.

"Now that there are so many great studios, I'm like a kid in a candy store. I wish I had time for it all! I love Physique 57, Exhale's Core Fusion, and Barry's Bootcamp. I tried SLT and loved it."

So what does a talent scout of fitness classes do when she's working out on her own? "It isn't something I think about. It's habit and part of who I am. I'd be a depressed couch potato with zero energy if I wasn't able to work out," Scott says. Here's what a typical week looks like for this arbiter of all things athletic...

Monday: Massage day! I have a standing appointment every Monday morning to make sure I stay injury free. Today's massage was all about my feet! Still, I biked to the massage and then went for an hour bike ride afterward. I also lifted weights today—a light day with hand weights in my house, so I stay strong and don't allow too much down time between workouts.

Tuesday: This a rest day. My schedule for work is too demanding, and I can't get out to do anything. I try not to stress or punish myself for not being able to—I call it my rest day and live with it!

Wednesday: I taught my 9:30 a.m. indoor cycling class at Equinox. I planned this week's playlist on Saturday so I rocked out my riders both emotionally and physically. My whole fitness philosophy is based on the fact that it's the greatest tool for empowerment and growth within the mind, not just the body, and that the combination of music, motivation, and movement are the best triad for success I know. I followed up in the weight room with free-weights and cables—the heaviest routine of the week. I'm so charged after cycling, I like to use that energy productively. Best sweat of this week so far!

Thursday: It's a stretch day so I just let the morning inspire me. I did a quick yoga series and stretched my lower body thoroughly. Keeping limber and keeping my body able to do unrestricted movement and mobility is a high. I'm as flexible as I was in my 20s, and I love that.

Friday: I do some lifting at Equinox, followed by Stacey Griffith's SoulCycle class—she is my all time favorite workout and instructor. She powers me up physically and mentally and re-energizes me after many a tough week. I am so excited that I made it to Stacey's class. She rocked it as usual. I crushed the ride with Stacey!

Saturday: I went through Ilaria Montagnani's PowerStrike DVD in my living room. I like to keep my technique and strength up. Although I'm only doing it for myself, I never know when I may get the call to sub a class.

Sunday: I went back to SoulCycle for Janet Fitzgerald's 9:30 a.m. class in Tribeca. I got into the class from the waitlist! Her cuing and language is always inspiring, and she doesn't let me use excuses to push off my workout. She inspired me to do my best today, and I'm drenched. —Lisa Elaine Held

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