Myers-Briggs Love Calculator: Which Personality Type Is Perfect for Your Summer Fling?

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Not every love story is meant to be a happily ever after that lasts till death do you part. Still, short-lived relationships are worthwhile: They can be fun, full of chemistry, and offer lessons about the world, ourselves, and how we approach different situations. Basically, your summer-fling aspirations are fully worthy, regardless of whether the union lasts into sweater weather or not.

In the world of Myers-Briggs compatibility, those who exhibit strength in areas where others are weak or generally mistrustful tend to clash. That said, those who highlight our pain points are often the ones to whom we feel inherent attraction—and they can teach us a whole lot for however long they remain in our lives. (Don’t know what your MBTI is? Read this!) So, have yourself a summer-love adventure with someone who's uniquely compatible for the job description.

Find your perfect summer fling, according to your Myers-Briggs personality:

Myers-Briggs types and romantic relationships
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ISFJs like to stay in their lane and typically gravitate toward those who are familiar—family, old friends, long-term loves. ENFPs and ENTPs completely reject what is familiar and fly toward anything novel, original, or unexpectedly creative. They want to try everything once, and they love exploration and spontaneity. As a summer fling, they’d push you outside your comfort zone (in a good way) and show you that what is improbable often doubles as the most fun.



You, ESFJ, are grounded but always out in the world. You make friends easily and can’t sit still. INTJs and INTPs highlight a quiet, logical side of you that you’re often afraid to access for very long. That stillness can force you to explore your own interests on a deeper level and appreciate picking one person’s brain instead of just skimming the surface of many.



ISTJs are planners who are responsible with time, put others first, and sometimes repress personal feelings in favor of logic. ENFPs and INFPs could prove an alluring match, because they represent the emotional force you sometimes wish you could experience.



ESTJs often have trouble accessing their emotions, and don’t see the value in dwelling on them. INFJs have an uncanny ability for getting people to open up and uncover the feelings they’ve been repressing, and INFPs are true empaths, who can show others how feelings can motivate action and influence behavior. Both would feel fairly exotic to a straight-laced ESTJ.

Myers-Briggs types and romantic relationships
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Your Achilles' heel is long-term planning and deep introspection. You love to do it when challenged to do so, but spontaneous self-analysis is your last impulse. INTJs and INFJs are a bit mysterious because they are so “in their own world.” While you may prefer a more grounded partner for the long-term, these two types would show you how to access your softer, more visionary side.



Sometimes opposites attract, and you’ll probably be drawn to the deep, brooding stability of an ENTJ or the fast-talking ambition of an ESTJ. Whereas you’re always inspired to do and create artistically, an ESTJ can help inspire you to finally put out that work into the real world.



Because of your sharp tongue, you do well with other T-types who aren’t easily offended. You do find a balancing counterpart in ISFJs and INFJs, though. Both are introspective and patient. They’re big listeners, and will let you talk nonstop about your adventures and day-to-day life. They’ll also tell you the truth, clearly but subtly, even if it momentarily hurts your ego. You'll end up being a softer human being.



ISTPs keep their hearts and off-limits to most others, often leaving thoughts buried just beneath the surface. That's why ENFJs and INFJs are the perfect summer-fling match: They won't stand for that brushing under the carpet; they are socially adept and demand emotional honesty. Either type is helpful for experiencing new depths of intimacy, should you couple up for a summer (or longer).

Myers-Briggs types and romantic relationships
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While ENFPs can get along with just about anyone, they’re almost certain to end up in a long-term match with someone who grounds and centers them. But for a summer fling, you may just find ESFPs and ESTPs the most fun. Both types share your extroversion and spontaneity and may help you put more of your dreams and plans into real action.



INFPs are drawn to stability and practicality whenever they tire of the kinship they find so easily with other F-dominated types. While other Ns are best for the level of intimacy and understanding you crave, you may find peace and practical support with ISTJs or ESTJs. While you find your emotions put you at unease, ESTJs and ISTJs manage them so effectively that their presence may hook you.



ENFJs feel most at home with other intuitive-feeling types for longer relationships but are likely drawn to the logical, calculated exterior of INTPs and ENTJs. ENTJs share similarities that would make the two of you the ultimate power couple—at least for a while. You’re both ambitious and charismatic, but you bring a side of heart to the relationship, whereas the ENTJ would bring a ton of pragmatism.



There’s no time like the future if you’re an INFJ. But ESTPs and ENFPs are adept at embracing the present. ESTPs are the most grounded and practical of all the types, and also the most likely to drag you on a last-minute road trip. ENFPs like to play with social dynamics, and would pull you from your shell for a night of dancing or a party where you don’t know anyone else. For such a reserved type, the dose of adventure would be perfect for the summer.

Myers-Briggs types and romantic relationships
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You'll find the exuberance of ENFPs to be enthralling, one of the few types you feel truly at home with. ENFPs will love picking apart your brain, and ESFPs are the type with whom you feel the most able to break out of your shell to do something wild.



INTPs require a match who has a winning combination of craftiness and extroversion to break them out of the house. ENTPs and ENFPs are both likely to harness your attention because they help you see possibility and connection out in the real world, beyond your studies and books. Especially for younger INTPs, who need help breaking out of their shells, either of these extroverted pairings may be especially appealing.



ENTPs crave the raw emotionality by which INFPs and ENFPs live. Both types offer the brand of thoughtful, philosophical discussions you find intriguing, and obviously, you love playing with ideas and people who can introduce you to new ways of thinking. However, these are the types of relationships that spark hot and fast for the ENTP and then fizzle quickly if both parties aren’t 100 percent on board with commitment; often, all three of these types do best with the centering effect of J-pairings for the long haul.



ENTJs crave deep intimacy, and similar communication styles. They find a fascinating ease with ISFJs and ISFPs. Both value slowing down and appreciating parts of the world you can only see if you take the time to look. Strolling through an art fair, seeing the botanical gardens, or taking a no-electronics trip would all be dates you’d both enjoy.

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