How to Road Trip Across the Country Like a Healthy Rockstar

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It's hard enough to eat well and stay active when you're on a road trip. But when you're a performer, the crowd doesn't care that you're living on a tour bus or traveled across three time zones in as many days—you need the stamina to be high-energy on stage each night.

The Naked and Famous singer Alisa Xayalith has perfected the art of having a blast on tour while still staying sane and healthy. She took a break from playing one of her three Fender guitars—she alternates between the American Professional Jaguar, Paramount Parlor Acoustic, and Duo Sonic—to reveal it all here. (Speaking of jamming out, you can channel your own inner rockstar with the brand's new app, Fender Play, which teaches you how to master your fave songs.)

Want to channel the indie songstress on your next road trip? Keep reading for her helpful healthy travel hacks.

Naked and Famous
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Use an app for a stand-in personal trainer

When you're on the road as much as Xayalith, there isn't always a gym nearby—and making it to a fitness class is a pretty ambitious goal. It's why the singer uses an app instead—it's always with her and she can be guided through a workout when she has some downtime backstage or in her hotel room. "I pack a yoga mat in my suitcase and use an app called Asana Rebel," she says. "It's a pretty comprehensive app with loads of 28-minute workouts and programs. I spend so much time sitting in transit traveling from place to place—my body feels a million times better after doing yoga and getting that good stretch in."

Bonus: She says she can totally tell the difference when she's on stage.

Naked and Famous
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Prep for a long drive with healthy snack options

"Sometimes healthy snacks are hard to come by when you're traveling through the middle of nowhere and find yourself with nothing but fast food chains around," Xayalith. Her pro tip: Be prepared. "I stock our bus with fruit, veggies, coconut water, and Boom Chicka Boom popcorn," she says.

The key is to fill your backseat with some packaged snacks with clean ingredients lists so you have something nourishing to snack on when there are only burger joints and convenience stores as far as the eye can see.

Naked and Famous on tour
Photo: Instagram/@alisaxayalith

Pack some melatonin

In addition to your healthy meal and exercise routines,  your sleep schedule often gets thrown out of whack when you're traveling. "If I’m being tossed to the other side of the world where my body clock has to adjust to the opposite time zone, I take the lowest dose of melatonin for the first few nights," Xayalith says. She's also mastered the art of napping whenever she has 15 or 30 minutes to catch some quick zzz's.

"The main thing is, I listen to my body," the singer says. "I sleep when I’m tired, eat when I’m hungry, and exercise because I know it will make be feel better." And it turns out, that's pretty good advice whether you're traveling or not.

Another pro healthy traveling tip is knowing what nutritious options to find at any gas station. And here's a workout you can do in the car. (Seriously!)

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