How to Give Yourself This Season’s Trendy Manicure: Naked Nails

Once spring rolls around, you might move your collection of non-toxic pastel polishes to the front of the pack (just me?) in an effort to manifest the bright, warm sun to start shining. This year, though, the season's hottest manicure might just be baring it all. Hey, your naked nails deserve some fun in the sun too, right?

According to non-toxic nail-polish pro Deborah Lippmann, the next few months are prime time to ditch the damaging gel manis and bright colors to let your nails breathe and shine again. And, going au naturel only requires a few simple steps: "It’s all about getting a really good base and a beautifully [refined] and healthy nail," Lippmann told Vogue, which noted that at the most recent Fashion Week in both Paris and New York, polish detoxes were featured front and center.

"It’s all about getting a really good base and a beautifully [refined] and healthy nail." —Deborah Lippmann, nail-polish expert

So, how does one master the art of naked nails? First Lippmann recommends filing your nails so they're all the same length, shape, and size, sticking to a short, rounded finish. Then, lightly buff the top of your nails until they shine, apply a cuticle remover to easily push back and remove any dead skin. She calls it the "easiest manicure ever," and she's totally right. I mean, can you think of a counterexample?

To make sure your newly naked nails look fresh all season long, just apply cuticle oil once a day and use plenty of hand cream. Sure, those pastels are fun—but your nails will never look healthier after a much-needed break.

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