One of the Most Important Living Female Photographers Is Now on Instagram

Photo: Instagram/@nangoldinstudio

Before there were digital cameras, iPhones, and Instagram—there was Nan Goldin. The iconic photographer made a name for herself in the '80s with her documentation of things that were at the time considered taboo: LGBTQ issues, sexuality, and other similar topics.

As for sharing her work on Instagram? Let's put it this way: In a New York Times profile last year she asked, "I’m not responsible for anything like social media, am I? Tell me I’m not.”

However, it appears that the artist has had a change of heart. Earlier this month, she very quietly (she currently has almost 5,000 followers) joined Instagram where she has been sharing  a combination of archived (film) work as well as new selfies.

Instagram posts are a dime a dozen but considering that her prints often sell for tens of thousands of dollars consider this the much more wallet-friendly way of "having a Goldin."

Scroll down for some creative inspiration, from a few more of the artist's first posts on Instagram.

A post shared by Nan Goldin (@nangoldinstudio) on

A post shared by Nan Goldin (@nangoldinstudio) on

A post shared by Nan Goldin (@nangoldinstudio) on

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