Thank God Youtube Is Finally Giving Us (Okay, Me) the Naomi Campbell Series I’ve Been Praying For

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I have really never been the type to obsess over a celebrity. When I was younger, the object of my infatuation was not *Nsync or the Spice Girls, it was Eloise, the titular character from a children's book published in 1955. The first non-fictional character I remember ever being taken aback by was Naomi Campbell.

The OG supermodel has always been unapologetically vocal about her convictions. Sure, she's been called a diva, but so have a ton of women who are just asking for what they deserve—or, arguably, what they think they deserve. *cough Mariah Carey*

I don't want to spend too long waxing poetic over why Campbell is essentially Mother Theresa to me. But, in essence:

1.) She overcame deep-seated racism in the fashion industry to become the defining supermodel. (This is a hill I will die on.) And she's been a trailblazer for other women of color as they face similar battles.

2.) She has never feigned being chill, which is an attitude I've been channeling myself.

3.) Her philanthropic work is seriously inspirational.

4.) When life handed her a community service sentence, she did it in haute couture.

Luckily, the universe must have heard my daily prayers for more Campbell, because yesterday she launched a YouTube channel. It'll serve as home base for a new online series, Being Naomi, that gives an intimate look into her life. Before this, Campbell was in the first season of Empire and in the American, Australian, and British versions of her modeling contest show, The Face. (All of which I have seen, several times). Although this isn't Campbell's first foray into TV, this is the first time we'll get a personal portrait of the supermodel.

In Being Naomi's introductory video, Campbell says the series will offer insight and advice that she's gleaned from her modeling and humanitarian work. The topic of episode one? Her prolific relationship with the revolutionary Nelson Mandela.

That's all that's aired so far, but here's everything I hope is forthcoming from her series: All the beauty advice she's given Pharrell; a lesson on how to walk like a gazelle; a segment with special guest star Grace Jones; behind-the-scenes footage from Michael Jackson's "In The Closet" music video; lots of clapping back at the fashion industry; makeup tutorials for every look she served in the '90s; an ASMR-type pep talk for when you're getting ready to go out.

So if the digital overlords are listening, consider this my Christmas list.

In the meantime, you can exercise like Naomi Campbell with this equipment-free workout or this one that uses battle ropes.

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