The Shower Product That Naomi Watts Swears by for a Morning Boost

Photo: Ben Watts

Naomi Watts is onto something when it comes to her beauty routine. Sure, she knows her fair share about makeup and skin care. After all, the multi-hyphenate actress-producer has not only spent plenty of time in the makeup chair, she's also a partner at New York City's clean beauty haven Onda Beauty, which is opening its second storefront in Sag Harbor on May 25.

But what really strikes me about her regimen is that while she, of course, cares for her face, she devotes equal attention to the skin below the neck. "I love taking a bath every night, usually with a soothing bath soak," says Watts. "And the right amount of sleep and being around good company keep me feeling confident."

It's a well-timed revelation considering that, as the layers of coats and sweaters find their place in storage for the season, it's now prime time to focus on your entire body (oh hello again, legs). Here, Watts divulges the in-shower beauty products that prep her full-body complexion for pool season, from the perfect coffee scrub to a rainforest-esque shower gel (swoon).

Keep scrolling for Naomi Watts' must-have body products that make her skin glow all summer long.

Onda Body Scrub
Photo: Onda

Onda Calendula + Bergamot Coffee Body Scrub, $85

"Coffee is my first need of the day, and having a boost in the shower is just what I need," she tells me of the scrub that's soon set to get an even bigger distribution with Goop and Net-A-Porter. "We created this beautiful scrub using organic ingredients sourced in upstate New York. It’s one of top 5 selling products at the store."

Saya Body Creme
Photo: Saya

Saya Rich Body Creme, $50

"I use it after the shower, and always have it on hand in my guest bathroom." she says. "It’s a particular favorite of Australian guests because the scent is beautiful, fresh, and reminds me of home."

Body duo
Photo: Onda

True Botanicals Pure Radiance Body Treatment, $48 each

"It’s a perfect pairing!" Watts shares. "Using a body mask rather than a scrub is new to me, but this gentle exfoliator makes my skin smooth. When I use the body oil afterwards my skin feels cared for and nourished."

Uma body oil
Photo: Onda

Uma Absolute Anti-Aging Body Oil, $90

"The scent of this oil is like a fragrance for your body, and it’s full of anti-aging properties too," she says. "I love this for special events."

Rahua shower gel
Photo: Onda

Rahua Shower Gel, $30

"Using this shower gel is like having a shower in a rainforest!" she tells me. "I love the consistency of it too—it’s foamy, and a little goes a long way."

Beauty Chef beauty powder
Photo: Onda

The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Powder Body, $80

"This is a great way to start the day," Watts says. "I mix mine with kale, pineapple, and berries in a smoothie."

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