16 Essentials Fitness Model and Nufit Founder Natalie Uhling Never Travels Without

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Natalie Uhling is an elite trainer and multi-hyphenate boss babe who appears, according to her lengthy resume, to do more in a morning than most do in a week, month, or even year: She's created her own fitness method called NUFit®, for starters, as well as founded media company Natalie Entertainment Group, created the MVMT Tour, and served as an ambassador and influencer for brands such as Under Armour. All of this at 33 years old. #Goals.

With so many (sometimes, medicine) balls in the air, it's no wonder Denver-based Uhling is a frequent flier. Yet despite a hectic schedule, she manages to remain gorgeous and glowing no matter where she is or what she's doing. How? A peek at her packing list provides intel into what prevents her from breaking an (unnecessary) sweat on the road. One of her biggest tips when it comes to efficient packing is to do more with less: "When I'm traveling, I like to pack light, so having items that can be used in multiple ways is the key," she advises. "For example, Aquaphor pairs as a lip balm, cheek highlighter, lid highlighter, and moisturizer. Find items that you can use in many ways!"

Below, Natalie Uhling shares 16 more items that always make it inside her carry-on.


1. Headphones and iPod: With a good playlist, I can basically do NUFit anywhere!

2. Massage balls: I love traveling with these because my legs get so tight on planes. Applying pressure along my glutes makes my legs feel so much better. An added bonus is that these are small enough to take anywhere. [Editor's note: tennis balls work, too.]

3. Water bottle: I always try to stay extra hydrated. When I am, I just feel so much better.


1. Leggingssports bras, and tank tops: I never travel without my workout gear. I'm a huge fan of brands like Beloforte and Bonvirage. Both brands fit my body really nicely.

2. Track jacket or bomber: I love throwing a little fashion piece over my gear. It just adds that extra personality layer to my outfit.

3. Footwear: I love Brooks. They're the best shoes for NUFit and keep my feet feeling good!! Footwear is so important!! I tell my students they need to invest in great footwear—our feet are the foundation to staying active.

Beauty products

1. Indie Lee: I'm obsessed with her cleanser. Since it comes in a large glass container, I like to pour it into the small plastic containers I travel with. That way it won't spill.

2. The Golden Secrets: I love Jesse's Youth beauty face serum! Ever since I started using this, I feel like my face looks so hydrated and healthy. I love Jesse, and anything that she sells, I'm buying! I mean have you seen the woman?

3. Eye gels: I don't go on any trip without my Honest Hazel eye gels! They're the best and don't irritate my skin.

4. Sheet mask: Another major staple is the Orgaid Organic Sheet Masks. I love the Anti-aging moisturizing one. They come in a set so I always stuff my bag with a few.

5. SPF: I'm a freak about the sun, so you won't see me without a hat on and SPF! I love Josh Rosebrooks Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30. I've been using this for a year now and feel fully protected!

6. Epsom salt: I always pack a baggie of salt with me because my body swells like a blowfish on a plane. I like to get all that water out of me when I take a bath a night. I just get my salt from Whole Foods—cheap and works!

7. Makeup: I'm a huge fan of RMS and have been wearing her stuff for two years now. I love all of her Lip2cheek colors because they're multi-use.

8. Dry shampoo: I love a good ponyAnd I love the travel size Oribe Dry Shampoo Spray.

9. A 1 1/2-inch curling iron: A loose wave looks so pretty, so I love traveling with my Sultra iron. It's small so it packs really well.

10. Fragrance: A little trick is to go to beauty counters and get their travel-sized samples that you love. That way they're so small that you can take them anywhere.

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