National Orgasm Day Is Coming Up—And With the Help of These 7 Beloved Sex Toys, You Can Come Right Along With It

While you definitely don't need a "National Orgasm Day"—or, for that matter, a national anything day—for permission to experience pleasure, there's no problem with embracing it as a helpful reminder to pause and find some time for pleasure this Saturday, July 31. And while pleasure can take many forms, it can also certainly look like engaging in sex acts, whether that's solo or with a partner.

If that's all the convincing you need to get in the spirit of National Orgasm Day, that's fab. And if so, you have my permission to stop reading here, and go right ahead on your orgasm journey—in fact, I encourage it. But if you're looking for further justification to celebrate, just consider the many ways that orgasming can support your health and well-being that go beyond in-the-moment satisfaction: There's the orgasm-induced oxytocin release that can mitigate nervous thoughts, the surge in vasopressin that can help you fall asleep more easily, and so much more.

As far as accelerating or intensifying your trip to O-land, or simply finding a more consistent route to orgasm (which can be challenging for many people who have a vagina), that's where sex toys come in handy, quite literally. Grabbing hold of a multi-purpose vibrator, air-powered suction tool, or stimulating device designed to arouse any of your erogenous zones will give your hand a run for its money, or instantly dial up partnered play. Or, leave hands fully out of the equation with a pleasure-boosting toy that works magic on its own.

Ultimately there's no wrong way to go about partaking in the festivities. Below, we've rounded up our favorite sex toys, vibrators and beyond, for putting the oh-my-god in your National Orgasm Day (or any day).

The 7 best sex toys to put to good use on National Orgasm Day

Maude Vibe — $45.00

Less is most definitely more in the case of this simple yet surprisingly effective vibrator that could easily pass as minimalist side-table décor. And that applies to the price, too, which is basically the lowest we’ve seen for a vibrator of such beloved quality, made with ultra-safe platinum-grade silicone. Use it for targeted clitoral O’s—the most reliable way for most people with a vagina to orgasm, anyway.

We-Vibe Melt — $149.00

Vibrating might get a lot of attention in the sex-toy world, but it’s far from the only sensation that can provide an orgasmic thrill. Enter: suction. This toy from We-Melt, which creates puffs of air, is designed to replicate the sucking motion of oral sex, so you can revel in the feeling even when you don’t have access to, well, another set of lips. That said, its shape is very slim and ergonomic, making it easy to slide between you and a partner for targeted clitoral stimulation, even during partnered penetration.

Oh-Nut Stackable Rings (Set of 4) — $65.00

Sometimes, a penis-having or dildo-wearing partner is simply too long, making penetrative sex either painful or otherwise uncomfortable for the vulva-owner. If that’s the case for you—and you’ve addressed any other underlying issues that could be getting in the way of pleasurable sex—investing in a penis bumper could be the difference between the ordinary and the orgasmic. These rings from Oh-Nut slide onto the shaft of a penis or dildo (you can stack as many as you’d like) to prevent it from going too deep into the vaginal or anal cavity of the other partner.

JimmyJane Contour Massage Stone — $50.00

Who said foreplay—or even sex, for that matter—had to stay focused on only the nether regions? Incorporating body massage into your list of bedroom activities can shake things up on the way to orgasm and infuse the whole experience with more pleasure. Apply some massage oil, then enlist this sculptural ceramic tool to glide over all the curves and crevices of a partner’s body (or your own body) to steam things up for the main event.

Le Wand Point — $88.00

Orgasming shouldn’t have to feel like effort, but that’s often the case when it comes to masturbation—whether you’re maneuvering a hand or a toy to hit (or stay) on just the right spot. Thankfully, hands-free vibrators make the whole thing about as work-free as possible, both for those who don’t have the ability to use a hand for self-pleasure, or for anyone who’d rather use both hands for, say, reading erotica or touching any number of other erogenous zones while mid-vibe. Le Wand’s Point is curved, so it lays flat on a vulva and effortlessly stays put for however long you may desire.

Dame Arc — $115.00

If you’re looking for the most *bang* for your buck, consider this curved beauty from Dame your one-and-done solution. Not only does it have an angled ridge that makes accessing the infamously tough-to-reach G-spot a cinch, but it also has a squishy yet pointed tip designed for external clitoral stimulation—so you can slide from one to the other with ease. It’s practically made with endless pleasurable exploration in mind, and if that’s not what National Orgasm Day is all about, then I don’t know what is.

Lora DiCarlo Tilt — $140.00

Speaking of multi-functional sex toys, this dual-armed number from Lora DiCarlo is made to work with any body—and you can use it to simultaneously stimulate the G-spot and clitoris or the prostate and perineum while in one position (talk about revving things up). It has two independent motors to keep things vibing on both ends, plus seven intensity settings, so you can adjust incrementally as you get well-acquainted. Not to mention, the whole thing quickly warms up to just above body temperature (104°F) for a soothing feel no matter how or where you use it.

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