12 Low-Maintenance Natural Beauty Essentials for Busy (or Lazy) Women

lazy_girl_beautyI love beauty products of all shapes and sizes, but I have a very special place in my heart for those that come in spray bottle form. You see, despite being a beauty junkie of the first degree, I’m also exceedingly low-maintenance (read: lazy). Most days, sunscreen, deodorant, and maybe a swipe of mascara are all it takes to get me out the door. I’ve even begun to view hair brushing as optional.

So, I’ve learned to love pretty much anything that I can spritz and go. When I need a boost of moisture? There’s a mist for that. Got oily roots? A puff of dry shampoo to the rescue. And when my legs are looking a little dry? Spray on some body oil and I’m good to go. Minimal rubbing-in required.

Plus, you cut out the ever-present risk of knocking over an open bottle of pricey face serum, causing it to spill all over your bathroom floor (this may have happened to me on multiple occasions). And best of all, you can always stash sprayable products in your bag for touch-ups on the go. Lazy girls, rejoice! Your life just got a whole lot simpler. Here are 12 top natural beauty products you can spray on and go... —Victoria Lewis

(Photo: Yanko Peyankov/Unsplash)



One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum, $39

This ultra-lightweight spray contains pumpkin seed oil, a natural source of salicylic acid that helps to exfoliate and smooth skin, and nourishing sea buckthorn oil. Plus, it has the most incredible floral scent. Put it on after the shower before your oil or lotion for extra soft skin, or do as I do and spritz a bit on your way out the door—moisturizer and perfume in one!

(Photo: One Love Organics)


lazy_beauty2S.W. Basics Jojoba Oil, $16 

Part of the new DIY Essentials collection from S.W. Basics, this sprayable jojoba oil (which is loaded with vitamin E) can be used as face moisturizer or cleanser and can serve as a carrier for added essential oils. I like to mist this on semi-damp skin after I wash my face. Sometimes I rub it in, sometimes I don’t.

(Photo: S.W. Basics)


Yes to Coconut Ultra Light Spray Body LotionYes to Coconut Ultra Light Spray Body Lotion, $9.99

I don’t know why lotion feels so much better when it’s sprayed out of a bottle, but it does. This deliciously scented formulation has Virgin Coconut and jojoba oil to keep your body looking and feeling super smooth. In the dead of winter, I like to spray a bit and feel instantly transported to a tropical island.

(Photo: Yes to Coconut)


lazy_beauty4Goldfaden MD Sun Visor, $34.97

My number one beauty product has been and always will be sunscreen. This one is magic because it sprays on lightly (you only need one or two pumps) and absorbs quickly. It’s oil-free, and fragrance-free, and you can even wear it under makeup without feeling too sticky or greasy. Plus, it’s perfect for touch ups on the beach when you don’t want to rub sand and salt all over your face.

(Photo: Goldfaden MD)


lazy_girl_acureAcure Organics Citrus Ginger Dry Oil Spray, $13

In the morning, there’s no better pick-me-up than a little citrus scent. You can use this spray on your skin in the AM (or anytime). But I also like to spritz a tiny bit into my hair to tame flyaways. Dry marula and argan oils add shine and the scent keeps me smelling fresh all day.

(Photo: Acure Organics)


lazy_beauty5R.L. Linden & Co. Close to Me Uplifting Deodorant Spray, $48 

I’m all about natural deodorant, but I just can’t get into the ones that I have to scoop out of a pot with my fingers. Who wants to have to wash their hands every time they apply it? This spray has antimicrobial tamanu oil and olive leaf extract to stop smells from developing and an essential oil blend of bergamot, rose geranium, and vanilla to keep you smelling fresh. Bonus points for the mood balancing aromatherapy benefits of the oils. Keep it in your bag and easily reapply throughout the day.

(Photo: R.L. Linden & Co.)


Urban Moonshine BittersUrban Moonshine Organic Digestive Bitters, $7.99

Not a traditional beauty product per se, but an important item to have in your arsenal nonetheless: bitters! Urban Moonshine’s bitters are hand-crafted and intended for medicinal purposes to help balance the digestive system and improve liver function, in turn helping to promote clear, healthy skin. Keep a travel-size bottle in your bag and spray on your tongue (up to seven pumps) before each meal.

(Photo:  Urban Moonshine)


lazy_beauty7Rahua Voluminous Dry Shampoo, $32

Dry shampoo has saved my post-yoga hair on many occasions, and this all-natural one is my favorite so far. Cassava and clay absorb water, oil and sweat from the scalp while star anise and vanilla lend a clean, fresh fragrance (unlike the powdery, artificial one of many other dry shampoos). What I particularly love about this product, though, is its packaging. A light squeeze of the bottle releases a perfect cloud of dry shampoo powder. Tousle your roots with your fingers and you’re ready to go. I also use it on clean hair for added volume.

(Photo: Rahua)


lazy_beauty8Phylia de M. Connect Leave-In Treatment for Follicles, Scalp & Hair, $60 

This organic spray uses a combination of humic-free fulvic acid, aloe, and tannic acid to help support healthy hair growth and prevent shedding and thinning. It’s essentially an all-natural keratin spray. Spritz it directly onto your scalp after showering or use on dry hair pretty much anytime. Not only does it help you grow stronger, thicker hair, but I swear it’s made my tresses shinier too.

(Photo: Phylia de M.)


MyHavtorn MistMyHavtorn Facial Essence, $40

Of course, no list of sprayable beauty products would be complete without a great essence. Though I love many, MyHavtorn’s is next level. It’s got an infusion of sea buckthorn leaves that are rich in carotenoids and minerals, as well as sage extract, which purportedly is anti-microbial and stimulates circulation, and linden blossom extract, said to be soothing and calming for the skin. Spritz all day every day and watch your skin get instantly plumper and brighter.

(Photo: MyHavtorn)


THUK_restore100_dot_t_346_LRTherapie Roques O’Neil Restore Aura Spray, $44

Think of this spray as your all-natural Xanax. It’s a blend of aromatherapeutic essential oils and hydrosols imbued with crystal essences to help release negative and blocked energy. Spray on your skin or just in your general area any time you need a mood boost during the day.

(Photo: Therapie by Roques O'Neil)


Graydon The MistGraydon Clinical Luxury Germs Away Mist, $15

And, of course, mists are not just for your skin. They're good to have on hand for keeping your space clean, too. This natural one features essential oils like clove, eucalyptus, grapefruit, peppermint, rosemary, and pine that are germ-exterminating and uplifting at the same time. Keep it on you whenever you can and spray on your hands (like a natural Purell), as well as your phone, your keyboard, and even your yoga mat.

For those days when you do have time to lather up, here are the best natural shampoos and conditioners for every hair type, or try this wild-card and wash your hair with mud .

(Photo: Graydon Clinical Luxury)



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