The 9 Natural Essentials You Need in Your Summer Tote

Your summer itinerary is packed with (iced) coffee dates, park picnics, and rooftop happy hours. Not on the agenda? Time to go home and refill your—admittedly chic—handbag with the necessary accessories for each activity.

That's where stocking your summer tote comes in. With a few smart additions on hand, you'll be primed (and pumped) to go from outdoor boot camp to backyard dinner party.

From BPA-free water bottle to organic face mist, we've got all the natural recs to fuel your summer fun—including the number-one must-have, sunscreen. Specifically, Australian Gold's new Botanical mineral lotion formulas, which block UVA and UVB rays with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, but still glide on like a dream (just say no to chalky residue).

So, we teamed up with the sun-protection powerhouse to compile the complete list of go-tos for your summer carryall—so you're always prepped for your next adventure.

Scroll down for the 9 essential ingredients for your best summer yet.

balsa 201 weekender boxing tote bag

Balsa 201 Weekender Boxing Bag, $176

First, you’ll need somewhere to stash all the goods—and this cult gem is the ultimate versatile to-go bag. AKA, durable enough to lug around a locker room, but pretty enough to accompany you to the post-workout brunch sesh.

Photo: Illesteva

Illesteva Leonard Mirrored Matte Sunglasses, $177

No warm-weather look is complete without a pair of sunnies—and the classic tortoiseshell and edgy blue detail on this set are a dream combo. Plus, the reflective lenses actually reduce glare in super-sunny situations. Fresh and functional.

australian gold mineral sunscreen

Photo: Australian Gold

Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen, $14-$16

Don't get caught out and about without protection for your skin. These mineral lotions are loaded with beneficial plant-powered ingredients (that won't leave your skin with a ghostly white hue) while leaving out potentially harmful ones, like parabens and sulfates. Bonus: The scent is light enough for everyday use, and smells citrusy chic instead of straight-up tropical.

Photo: BKR

BKR Water Bottle, $35

Stay hydrated during all your pursuits with a BPA-free water bottle. BYOB (bringing your own bottle) is good for the environment and your health, plus the rose gold accents make this canister feel like a chic accessory. 

Photo: Matchaful

Matchaful Packets, $14

Turn your regular old H20 into an iced matcha latte anywhere with these super portable packets. Just pour one pouch into any 16-ounce water bottle (ahem, see above), shake it up with some ice, and voila: an organic energy elixir you didn't even have to stand in line for.

Photo: Amazon

Herbivore Facial Mist, $37

For a spritz of refreshment in a pinch, a facial mist will be your BFF on hot summer days. And who could say no to the instant spa vibe of organic coconut water infused with Bulgarian roses?

Photo: Amazon

Beats Pill+, $230

Clocking in at just over a pound, you'll barely notice this portable speaker's weight in your bag, but you'll definitely notice the difference it makes in your spontaneous sidewalk dance party.

Photo: Amazon

Turkish Bath Towel, $22

The super-soft, 100 percent cotton fabric of this light-as-air towel is traditionally used in Turkish baths, but can also double as a picnic blanket, yoga towel, or pool sarong. Talk about a multi-tasker.

Photo: Credo Beauty


Captain Blankenship Mermaid Dry Shampoo, $24

Go from daytime workout to evening escapades with this good-hair-day in a bottle. Just a sprinkle of the aluminum-free formula zaps oil, so you can have refreshed, mermaid-like locks to match your iced unicorn latte.

natural deodorant
Photo: PiperWai

PiperWai Natural Deodorant, $17

Simply walking down the street in the summer can feel like stepping into a bikram yoga studio. The activated charcoal in this aluminum-free deodorant neutralizes that impact—so you don't have to press pause on your day.

In partnership with Australian Gold

Top photo: Stocksy/Luke Mattson

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