Quiz: the Revamped Clean Makeup Look You Need for Fall (Tested by Our Editors)

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Swapping sky blues and corals out of your wardrobe in favor of more fall-friendly colors like cranberry and rust is as much a marker of fall's arrival as seeing pumpkin-spice [fill in the blank] touted everywhere.

But as your wardrobe shifts to warmer textures and colors, your makeup lineup will need to follow suit—which is why fall is the ideal time to take a Marie Kondo-style pass at your beauty cabinet and ditch last year's autumn-hued products in favor of upgraded (and cleaner) versions.

To streamline the process without chucking your entire makeup bag and starting from scratch, we teamed up with clean-beauty authority Honest Beauty® to help you find your new go-to look for the season—and yes, we tested all the products.

"The lip crayon is *Italian chef hand kiss* a creation like no other."

The crowd favorite? The Truly Kissable Lip Crayons, which come in tons of fun shades. One Well+Good designer immediately adopted her Sheer Petal crayon into her everyday rotation, and another gushed over the super lush texture saying, "The lip crayon is *Italian chef hand kiss* a creation like no other."

Take it from us: these are the products that will actually make you look forward to putting makeup on every day (yes, even on weekends).

Take the quiz below to find the natural fall makeup look to suit your personality—and click on the hotspots to shop your picks.

In partnership with Honest Beauty®

Top photo: Honest Beauty®

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