I Tried This $17 Hair Mask, and It Made My Hair the Softest It’s Ever Been

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I've taken a break from many things in quarantine life—from dating (no physical contact really limits your options, though I could be inspired) to makeup (just serum, SPF, and moisturizer all day, baby). And that's extended to my hair, too. I'm not doing much to it these days, if anything at all. My go-as-long-as-possible-without-washing policy (usually supplemented generously with dry shampoo) has been at an all time high. And, my reliance on dry shampoo has gone out the window in favor of silk scrunchies, topped off with a headband to hide grease for Zoom calls in between. So when I do wash my hair, it feels like a special occasion, made better by Natural Formula's Ampoule Intense Hair Mask ($17). Unequivocally, the amped-up conditioner has changed my hair, and I will not stop raving about to anyone who talks to me.

natural formula hair mask
Photo: Natural Formula

Shop now: Natural Formula Ampoule Intense Hair Mask ($17)

I tried it because it was under $20, it's paraben-free, and it promised to refund my money should I not like it (for real). Crafted by the number one Israeli hair brand, it has recently hit the U.S. market, and wow. It's made for "dry, color-treated, or damaged hair," and while my hair does tend to get dry (it's long, and I don't regularly keep my cutting appointments), I would say I do have normal-to-dry hair. So for all the normals out there: Go for it.

The ampoules—like tiny bubbles filled with hippophae, borage, and tea tree oils—break when you apply and release all their nourishing goodness into your hair, along with ceramides, that work to rebuild, strengthen, and prevent moisture loss. After shampooing, you leave it on your hair for three to five minutes (skip your regular conditioner), and that's it. You'll emerge a new person. My hair has never been softer or shinier. Also, it smells damn good.

Hey, if now's the time for anything, it's the time to protect and repair what you can—from your time to your skin to your hair. This mask should help.

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