The Two-Minute Method for Getting a Just-Right Natural Glow


When it comes to illuminating products, your vision is to look like a radiant sun-soaked goddess—but your post-application reality usually comes out a little more sweat-soaked yogi. #Ugh.

So what's the trick to getting that fresh-faced dewy glow, without looking like an oil slick (too much moisturizer) or like you dunked your face in a bucket of glitter (too much highlighter)?

The secret's in the serum—picking the right one, that is. Finding your serum soulmate can have a major effect on your complexion, and that's why we tapped Well+Good senior beauty editor Ali Finney to demonstrate how she uses her favorite Juice Beauty gems to achieve that elusive just-right glow.

Watch the video above to see exactly how she gets the products (which are all made with certified organic ingredients, btw) to work their magic, including her guidance on the five places you should always and only apply highlighter. Then, shop below to get the look for yourself, and score that summertime shimmer.

In partnership with Juice Beauty

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