Why Immunity Matters Year-Round—and the Simple Steps You Can Take to Boost It

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Anyone who's ever experienced the total buzzkill that is a summer cold knows that viruses can strike anywhere, any time—which is why your vitamin C habit shouldn't cease in March.

“It’s not just during the winter months that we are at risk," says Tara Miller, a Toronto-based holistic nutritionist. "Keeping a strong immune system outside of flu season is helpful in protecting you from pathogens (bugs, viruses, etc.) that you are exposed to every day."

As temperatures rise, you might be tempted to throw caution (and puffer jackets) to the wind—but Miller notes that keeping on top of your overall health and supplementing are no less important in the spring or summer than they are when that nasty January cough makes the rounds through your office.

On the supplement front, Miller recommends opting for immunity-boosters from a natural health brand that avoids fillers and unnecessary ingredients. Count Flora's herbal supplements—crafted from organic and non-GMO ingredients—on that list, and find out all of Miller's tips for iron-clad immunity below.

Scroll down for 3 ways to make sure your immunity is on point all year round.

Immunity boosting greens
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1. Eat a veggie-packed diet and know when to call in supplements

One of the simplest and most effective ways to maintain a strong immune system year-round is to eat your greens. “If you are eating veggies, prepared any way, you are supporting your health and immunity,” Miller says. So once picnic and rooftop BBQ season hits, think of it as an opportunity to load up on grilled veggies and juicy, farmer's-market-fresh produce.

When your body feels run down, don’t ignore it. “If you are generally eating a balanced diet and something still feels off (energy, skin, digestion, immunity), I would usually suggest a supplement," advises Miller. "I encourage individuals to use their inner cues to guide these choices."

Immunity boosting smoothies with elderberry
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2. Tap the potent antioxidant properties of *this* immune-boosting berry

To be proactive, you can actually add a gentle supplement to your routine for daily use: elderberries, a blackish-blue superfood touted for high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C.

“Elderberries have traditionally been used to prevent and treat colds, flus, and other respiratory infections,” Miller says. “Antioxidants help combat the negative effect of free radicals from pollution, stress, and chemicals in our daily life. They protect our cells and therefore our body from the damage they can cause through regular exposure.”

Flora’s Elderberry Crystals are an easy-to-use powder that make it easy to incorporate the super fruit into water, juice, and smoothies. It's even gentle enough to be taken every day for an extra immunity-boosting oomph.

Clean home all natural cleaning products
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3. Fortify your home and environment too

Prioritizing immunity isn't just about your body but also the environment you're in. Miller recommends ditching harsh all-purpose cleaners—"they destroy not only the harmful bacteria, but also the good that is there to protect you"—in favor of something milder. “Use natural cleaners for home and body over antibacterial ones," she advises.

Another key area to be mindful of? Your stress levels. "Lavender anything goes a long way in stress relief, which is an excellent way to keep immunity running strong," notes Miller, who recommends diffusing lavender essential oil regularly. "I love a lavender essential roll-on or room spray during the day and before bed." Calm mind, calm body, next-level immune system.

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