These Are the 3 Supplements Health Coaches Swear by for Supporting Your Mood

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If you've ever swapped out a carb-heavy lunch for a hearty salad with avocado and instantly felt so much better, you know that your diet holds serious power to turn your day around.

That's why Dana James, MS, CDN, and CNS—who treats biochemical and psychological imbalances in women—always examines her client’s overall nutrition first when bleh mood is the issue. But what happens when you've given your whole regimen a makeover—and are still feeling crummy?

“I always start with the diet, then add in supplements and mind techniques,” James said. “The right supplements can help [you] feel better within two days and this can motivate [you] to eat healthier and try meditation.*”

"The right supplements can help [you] feel better within two days.*"

Parsley Health's Adrienne Dowd, RN agrees, adding that a variety of factors including nutrient deficiencies or gut permeability could be at the root when you're feeling off. And when limiting processed foods, getting adequate shut-eye, and squeezing in a daily sweat sesh doesn't do the trick, that's where supplements can fill in the gaps.

To find out what both health coaches recommend, we asked each one to share their picks from NOW®'s roster of mood-supporting supplements. Here's your new cheat sheet.

Keep reading for 3 nutritionist-recommended supplements to brighten your mood.

Mood boosting supplements
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Tap into your natural positivity store*: Dopa Mucuna

When cramped train rides and long a.m. lines for matcha put a major dent in your day, a naturally sourced supplement can help bring you balance. “Mucuna pruriens can be an effective way to promote a positive mood when used in conjunction with improving diet, sleep quality, exercise, and stress reduction,*” Dowd says.

NOW® DOPA Mucuna Veg Capsules, are supercharged with mucuna extract sourced from the tropical legume that grows in Africa and Asia. With 15 percent naturally occurring L-Dopa, a precursor to dopamine (one of the chemical messengers in your body responsible for feelings of happiness, confidence, and motivation), popping a vegan capsule with breakfast could be a game-changer.*

Mood boosting supplements
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Balance your mood*: St. John's Wort 

You tap ginger tea for immunity-boosting powers and valerian root as a natural sleep aid, but there might be a mood-boosting botanical you haven’t incorporated into your feel-good regimen: St. John’s Wort.*

Herbal enthusiasts have relied on the plant as a remedy for symptoms of low mood for centuries. "St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is an herb which, through the active component hypericin, works to support healthy levels of dopamine and serotonin,*" Dowd says. The herbal treatment can affect other medications so consult with your doctor before starting a regimen.

Mood boosting supplements
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Reduce stress while promoting relaxation*: L-Theanine

If sipping a matcha at 3 p.m. seems to make your stress magically slip away, you're not imagining it. Powdered green tea contains L-theanine, which is known for mood-enhancing properties*.

"L-theanine helps to reduce tension by interacting with glutamate receptors in the brain,*" James says, which is why keeping a bottle of NOW® L-Theanine capsules at your desk could be your stress-busting secret weapon.* Relaxed, and the daily hustle feels so good.*

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