Exclusive: Naturopathica Launches Book Featuring Beauty Regimens for Different “Skin Personalities”

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Naturopathica has been slaying the holistic beauty game since it first opened its spa doors in East Hampton in 1995. Since then, herbalist-aromatherapist-skin-care pro, founder, and CEO of the brand Barbara Close has made her company a go-to in the spa world and with natural beauty enthusiasts everywhere.

So it couldn't have been more fitting when the holistic skin-care powerhouse introduced customized facials—targeted to four different skin personalities—along with seven new products to go along with them. Post-facial, you'll walk away with a dedicated regimen that involves nutrition tips, herbal remedies, and  lifestyle advice, too.

Now, all that advice (think of it as an owner's manual for your healthiest skin, ever) has been rolled up into a must-have new edition of Close's book, The Naturopathica Effect, featuring a foreword by Well+Good co-founder Melisse Gelula.

"I've always said it takes more than a serum to have beautiful skin—so to walk the walk, this treatment really addresses people's skin care from a holistic approach that balances more than the complexion," Close tells me over kombuchas at her Chelsea Healing Arts Center.

"This treatment really addresses people's skin-care from a holistic approach that balances more than the complexion."

Accordingly, each facial begins with a comprehensive questionnaire (which asks everything from how your skin responds to stress to how many cups of coffee you drink a day). An esthetician then determines your skin personality—this goes way beyond the old-school skin types like normal, dry, and oily—which Close believes don't really speak to everything going on with your complexion.

Depending on whether you're Adaptive, Hormone Reactive, Stress Reactive, or Mature, the facial will use a targeted concentrateRetinol Renewal, Ginger Clarifying, Alpine Rose Recovery, or Marine Rejuvenating—that's essentially a super-serum for your skin's needs. The facial itself starts with an esthetician cleansing the skin using the brand's new Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm, then it moves on to lymphatic massage, acupressure work, and their new Kombucha Bio-Cellulose Mask (which helps with your skin's microbiome and will be for sale starting February 5).

"We've been preaching holistic health for 23 years now, and I'm excited to have the wellness approach come full circle," says Close. Now you can score the facial at Naturopathica locations—and at 400 spa partners—and snag all of the advice in the book, too. Consider this your complexion's wildest dreams come true.

Originally posted January 15, 2018. Updated October 1, 2018.

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