These Are the Best Gifts To Give Your Friend Who Loves Yoga, According to a Yoga Trainer

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You’ve got a yogi in your life, and you’re thinking about getting them another pair of leggings—don’t. It *is* the thought that counts, but if you’re spending your money on a gift with the hopes they’ll actually use it, get them something they don’t already have a ton of. Naya Rappaport, yoga trainer with Alo Moves, shares the gifts your yoga-obsessed friends actually want.

“The greatest gift is quality time with loved ones,” says Rappaport. “There’s nothing better than that; but something tangible would be a basket of small goodies that all yoga practitioners would love and use.” Ahead, all the makings of the dream gift basket for your favorite yoga aficionado.


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Essential oils

ritual oil trio
Ritual Oil Trio — $58.00

Whether they’re using a few drops in their diffuser, on their skin, or in a mix to clean their yoga mat, essential oils are just that—essential! This set of three from The Well offers curated blends for different moods. Just an FYI, they’re created with sustainably sourced oils and are designed to energize, reset, and calm. These are specifically roller oils, so you can easily roll on your pulse points (behind ears, on temples, etc.)

relax blend
The Well Relax Essential Oil Blend — $48.00

If you need a bottle you can use for your diffuser or dilute with water, this essential oil blend from The Well actually comes with a dropper. The scent encourages relaxation and is formulated with Buddha wood, lavender, sweet orange, vetiver, sweet marjoram, and amyris.


Yoga mat

yoga mat
Yogi Bare Lightweight Travel Yoga Mat, Cosmic — $70.00

We love this Yogi Bare mat because it’s so lightweight and makes going to yoga class easy-peasy (it’s also machine washable and gorgeous—something your yogi pal may not already own). Another mat that stands out is one that’d make their life a little easier: the new no-slip yoga mat towel from Alo. It’s got a silicone pattern backing for extra grip.

A good, high-tech water bottle

self sanitizing water bottle
Uncommon Goods Self-Sanitizing Water Bottle — $95.00

Rappaport says you can’t go wrong with a Hydro Flask (her personal favorite), and we get why. They’re ultra-insulated water bottles that won’t leak no matter what. Our second favorite? This self-sanitizing water bottle that uses UV-C LED lights that knock out 99.9 percent of bacteria every two hours (this happens with the push of a button—it’s pretty cool).


The Five-Minute Journal

five minute journal
Intelligent Change The Five Minute Journal — $25.00

Yoga is more than an exercise or way to get flexible: It’s a lifestyle. Those who are truly invested in the practice are also working on personal, spiritual development. This is why Rappaport suggests a good journal. The Five Minute Journal is an excellent tool for logging mood, tracking gratitude, and setting intentions for your day.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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