These Chic Neon Lights Will Bring a Mood-Boosting Pop of Color to Your Home

Photo: Instagram/@urbanoutfittershome
To combat the inevitable feelings of doom and gloom winter brings, you have to creative with your lighting setup. Maybe you already have a salt lamp in your living room and a happy light on your nightstand, but you're probably still missing what I consider to be a key lighting fixture: a mood-enhancing neon light sculpture.

Now that the sun sets so absurdly early, I've been thinking about the most happiness-inducing ways to elevate my home decor. And my solution to the darkness dilemma is taking shape in the form of a marble cactus and pink flamingo neon light.

Anyone who's like me (game for anything that looks Wes Anderson–inspired with clean, symmetric lines and psychedelic colors) will be interest in the select lights below. Plus, the mood-boosting decor items pull double duty by providing the motivation you deserve every morning. (See: You glow girl.)

Get your glow on with these stunning neon light creations below.

You can upgrade your home even on a budget. Just make sure you pick up the right bedding for your zodiac sign.

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