Neon Shoes Will Light the Way Forward This Summer

Photo: Free People; Artwork: Well+Good Creative

As a kid, neon-themed school dances were my jam. Who can forget the American Apparel acid pink tights that made girls look like they were walking on highlighters? At Monday's Met Gala, Serena Williams cast a shadow on the looks of electric-sliding middle schoolers everywhere with a pair of neon Nike x Off-White Air Force One sneakers peeking out from beneath her citrus yellow Versace gown. Meaning, love, 15, 30, 40... we're all game for neon shoes.

To be fair, the vibrant look isn't exactly "new." Neon had a moment in the summer of 2018 as well as in the otherwise bleak months of winter. But like all fashion breakthroughs, Williams showed us a new way to rock it. No, we can't all go meet up with Versace for a who-knows-how-expensive custom design, but we can take our neon kicks into more formal settings. (You know, date night, dinner parties, and dance class.)

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#MetGala 2019. Co-Chair of CAMP. Thank you @versace for bringing camp to the carpet and @audemarspiguet for keeping me on time.

A post shared by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on May 7, 2019 at 6:05am PDT

However you prefer to wear your neon—splashed on flats, sandals, or sneakers—we've got a standout #lewk you can add to your closet. At first, you might feel shy about sporting yours in public, but just remember, every glow stick has to be broken (in) before it shines. So don't be scared to pair your fluorescent footwear with a few outfits before you finally find your stride.

Before you don those platform sneaks, here's why our in-house style 

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