5 Netflix Movies That Will Inspire Your Fall Beauty Refresh

Photo: Stocksy/Chelsea Victoria

When you shift into fall, it's not just your clothes that change—your makeup routine does, too. Gone are the no-makeup makeup days of sunscreen and lip stains. Time to bring on the smokey eyes, dark berry lips, and the dramaaaa.

Instagram and YouTube are great resources for fall beauty inspo, but you can also get ideas from Netflix (streaming a movie is good for pretty much any life scenario). These films will inspire you as you swap your summer skin care and beauty products for fall ones.

Here are 5 movies on Netflix that will give you all the beauty inspo for fall.


1. A Single Man

Tom Ford's directorial debut is more than just an incredibly beautiful movie: A highlight is when Julianne Moore's character takes on a very 1960s Twiggy look—complete with fake eyelashes and three different eyeliners.


2. Grease

Frenchy's dye-gone-wrong scene is actually kind of inspiring. Not only is she super ahead of her time with her millennial-pink hair, but her beauty-school-dropout moment is also a reminder that whatever beauty "mistake" you make is almost certainly not as bad as it seems—and is almost always reversible. Haircuts grow out and dye jobs fade.



3. Inglourious Basterds

Who knew Quentin Tarantino could inspire you to embrace makeup as war paint? Just goes to show that red lipstick always enhances your inner boss babe.


4. The Craft

Even though The Craft was instrumental in inspiring some pretty ill-advised purchases from Claire's, the movie's makeup palette of berry and plum tones is always appropriate for fall. (Side note: If you come into some supernatural powers, don't use them to make the popular girl go bald.)


5. 13 Going on 30

Who could forget the lessons of this rom-com favorite? Never trust your frenemy, learning to love yourself is the key to life, and always make weird faces when applying your makeup—oh, and make sure you do it while blasting Whitney Houston.

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