The Caribbean Island of Nevis Celebrates Its 44 Varieties of Mango With a Fruity Food Festival

Photo: Getty Images/Arcangelo Piai
Mangoes have completely stolen my heart. They're the perfect combination of sweet and juicy, and taste as good plain as mixed into a smoothies or sorbets. Basically, they're a shining star of the produce aisle. I've been totally satisfied with the one type of mango my grocery store carries, but little did I know there's a whole world of variety out there. And one tiny Caribbean island is home to 44 different types to choose from.

The island Nevis has officially been moved to the top of my bucket list. Aside from blue skies, long empty beaches, rain forests, and all the relaxing vibes, we learned during a meeting with Park Hyatt St. Kitts—which is accessible via a quick ferry ride—that each of the island's mangoes have a distinct flavor and texture. They also have their own names, including Amory Polly, Julie, and Graham. You can pick and eat them right off the tree. If that's not heaven, I don't know what is.

The wide variety of mangoes is such a big deal that it's celebrated every year at the Nevis Mango & Food Festival when the mangoes are the ripest. So if you happen to find yourself chillin' on Nevis from July 4 to 7, you'll be able to try mango-centric soups, desserts, cocktails, and entrees created by internationally renowned chefs. But for now, I'll be filling up my cart dreaming of tropical temps and sweet fruit picked fresh off the tree.

All you need to peel a mango like a champ is a glass, a knife, and a dream. Then, whip up some of this healthy mango and banana smoothie bowl.

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