Why the New Apple Watch Could Be a Game-Changer for Runners

Photo: Stocksy/Paff
Having an Apple Watch on your wrist can totally change the way you run: It lets you track everything from your pace and splits to distance to heart rate, keeping you continually motivated to better yourself. (And obviously looking super cool and tech-y in the process.)

But there was one prickly issue runners encountered with the previous models of the arm candy: Some apps required a connection to your iPhone via bluetooth in order to work. Take Apple Music, for example. If you wanted to go jogging sans iPhone, you'd only have access to the  20 songs you could store locally on your watch. And texting or receiving calls? While it's unlikely you'd be doing much of either while breaking a sweat, you would need your iPhone on you to use your Apple Watch for those purposes while running. Until now.

Apple unveiled some solid updates today. Likely the most exciting advancement the brand's runner contingency is that the new Apple Watch Series 3 has cellular capabilities built right into it. That means, as Apple's COO Jeff Williams put it, "you have the freedom to go anywhere with just your Apple watch"—no strings (or iPhone) attached.

Besides being able to make and receive calls and texts, you'll also be able to stream 40 million songs straight from your wrist.

Evidently this plan has been on the books since the beginning of the Apple Watch days, but now that it's finally here, there are a lot of perks to look forward to. One of the biggies? Besides being able to make and receive calls and texts without your phone in close proximity, you'll also be able to stream 40 million songs straight from your wrist. The watch is also swim-proof, has an updated heart rate app with new measurements like resting and recovering heart rate, and is predicted to hold its battery power for up to 18 hours.

If you're already planning on snagging a new Apple Watch for yourself to ensure you never run out of music on your runs, mark your calendar for the September 15, when you can place your order $399 cellular-enabled product, or wait until it's officially available, starting September 22.

The next time you're prepping for a run, download these must-have apps. But before you hit the pavement, this running playlist will power you through your first mile. 

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